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Thread: Van Allan Ladies Fashion Stores 1970s?

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    Default Van Allan Ladies Fashion Stores 1970s?

    I did a quick search, so hopefully this has not been mentioned. Anyone remember Van Allan Ladies clothing stores from the early 70s to early 1980s?

    We had one, and my older Cousin Kay always managed to get her Mum to buy her lots of stuff from there (No worries though, as she would hand them down to me the following year!) I think they were of Dutch origin? And the fashions were always quite hip and up to the minute?

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    Yes, I remember them. Only bought 1 dress from there - thought I was the bees knees.

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    i worked in Van Allen in Edinburgh iin 1970's I worked with Joni Flyn she was a bond girl in Octopussey,those were the days

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    I remember Van Allen in Birmingham. It was on my list of places to buy clothes along with Richard Shops and Chelsea Girl
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