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Thread: Future nostalgia

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    Good thread but anything non 70s to 90s should be discussed here in the Members' Lounge.
    The only thing to look forward to is the past

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    Quote Originally Posted by Retrogames View Post
    As it happens Gadaffi dying made my Dad nostalgic, he lived in Tripoli when Gadaffi came to power (RAF kid) and spent much of the week he died telling us that he was shocked and that he thought Gadaffi was "a really good bloke"!
    that does shock me your dad thinking he was good.
    although as your dad lived there he has a better view of what went on than thopse who just see news reports.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Retrogames View Post
    Can you imagine what nostalgia will be like for our children? What are their memories of 2012 going to be like ? Imagine it... "do you remember when the iPhone 4 was launched?" "yeah, with Siri! The first thing to really talk back to you" "and now everything does..." (Chas is interrupted by his underpants announcing that he really should change them as he's had them on for 28 hours) lol.

    Is there anything you are doing to prepare for that future nostalgia? Photos of your town, or putting together current tv footage? I'm stashing away NIB toys on a regular basis as a bit of a side investment. When a shop reduces a name brand toy eg Night Garden down to 75% off I'll buy one to put in the loft. My nostalgia has lead me to understand what toys I used to own are now worth, and I can see my three kids getting a decent return from the contents of the loft in twenty years.

    So any other ideas on how to help our kids with their future nostalgia for childhood?
    great stuff there mate.
    as i myself am into collecting retro type things.

    future nostalgia could be the very sad death of whitney houston.
    in terms of technology im not really to sure possibly something sports related.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darren View Post
    that does shock me your dad thinking he was good.
    although as your dad lived there he has a better view of what went on than thopse who just see news reports.
    It shocked me too, my Dad has no interest in politics or current events, I guess its a reflection on how Libya was pre-Gadaffi? Kind of like how we as a nation were chuffed to have Tony Blair at first, even if his 'breath of fresh air' turned into more of a stale fart lol! I remember reading that after the US forces overthrew Saddam Hussein they took a poll 18 months on asking who the Iraqis wanted for their leader and a majority wanted Saddam back. I collect game prices for retro consoles from eBay

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    Here's a list of things from the last 10 years or so:

    The Office & Extra, plus the rise of Ricky Gervais

    Spaced & other "cult tv" of the era

    Alistair McGowan's The Big Impression & Dead Ringers

    Sacha Baron Cohen's trilogy of Ali G, Borat & Bruno

    Sex In The City, Desperate Housewives & Ugly Betty

    Pirates of the Caribbean

    Harry Potter books & films

    Legally Blond & Reese Witherspoons rise up the A list

    Bridget Jones's Diary & a new generation of chick lit & flicks


    The Da Vinci Code & Dan Brown's other works

    Certain websites coming in & out of fashion

    The constant change of mobile phones

    Little Britain & the rise of Matt Lucas & David Walliams

    Look Around You

    Watching Who Do You Think You Are mostly to see celebs get tearful

    Life On Mars & Ashes To Ashes


    Going to see the lastest Aardman or Pixar film & trying to buy up all the spin off Memorabilia.

    The change of games consoles from PS2, Xbox & Gamecube to PS3, X360 & Wii.

    Fashion shows hosted by Gok Wan, & Trinny & Suzannah.

    8 out of 10 Cats & the rise of Jimmy Carr.

    Smart Cars.

    Crazy Frog.

    Disney Princess & Fairy ranges.


    Cup Cakes & Silicone bakewear.

    The spread of Weatherspoons & other chain pubs.

    USB connectors becoming standard for almost all computer connections.

    The On Digital - ITV Digital - Freeview shuffle.

    Gavin & Stacey.

    Dave Gorman's shows & spin-off books.

    High School Musical & Glee.

    The ups & downs of verious celebs.

    Chain coffee shops on almost every inner city street corner.

    Destiny's Child & Beyonce Knowles rise to mega stardom.

    Singers appealing to 2 generations (Dido, Norah Jones, Adele etc).


    The IT Crowd.

    Black Books.

    Seth McFarlane's trilogy, Family Guy - American Dad - The Cleveland Show.

    BBC4 Drama Documentries.

    Bad Girls.


    Getting hooked on 24 or Lost.

    Celeb chefs like Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson & Gordon Ramsey.
    The Trickster On The Roof

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    possibly the rob zombie halloween films
    x box.
    all the playstation computers so far think the first one qualifies after the nineties.
    nintendo wii.
    psp handheld.

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    Those roller shoes all the kids were wearing a few years ago and micro scooters, the return of the BMX, death of the floppy disc, sat navs, the ridiculous amount of cooking/antique shows on TV, superfood fads, painting walls in one room different colours, solar power panels on houses (I have noticed a huge increase in these over the last six months or so) and the big increase in wind farms.
    1976 Vintage

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    The Atkins & other fad diets.

    Kath Kitson decor.
    The Trickster On The Roof

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    I still reckon our nostalgia is far far better...I looked at the lists posted here of 'current stuff' and it made my eyes glaze over...tbh, its all rather, **** (imagine that last part being said in the wonderfully relaxed yet polite tones of a John Le Mesurier impression)...I mean, 'Facebook' - its a load of bland vapidity for self agrandising narcissists...many idiots who end up in trouble by their comments i.e. getting fired for slating a boss who've they've also added as a 'friend' (true story), meeting psychopaths via it, and constantly feeling FB is the 'real world' i.e. how many 'fwendz u av'....zzzz.

    i-phones? I only got mine, the older model via free upgrade - who cares about the stupid things? A phone that simply repeats tripe you ask it:

    'is my brother here?'

    'yes, your brother is here'....(in a disgusting eggy version tone of Steven Hawkings electronic tones)....all Apple products cost about 50 to make or less, they overprice for the name and stupidity of customers who hailed Steve Jobs as some sort of technocratic messianic figure....(expletives of your choice, but the most apt begins with 'B' and ends in 'K'S')...all these games systems like X Box or that god awful 'Wii'....overpriced rubbish that, you cannot sell for peanuts when the next big tripe comes out...I mean, I won an X BOX when they first arrived, I sold TWO games at an exchange centre...for 28p....yes, 28p. I cannot even sell the console alone without a controller, I broke mine in my heady youth, for the price of 25 which it sells for now...I mean, the thing cost HUNDREDS originally...

    Its all bland now. We had it much better before all this offal began...

    I will say, Peter Kay had me in stitches with that sketch 'Put a bit of Basement Jax on!' Put Prodigy on fer yer Mam - Smack your bitch up!' I actually think while the future will have nostalgia, they'll actually still hold onto our nostalgia more than the disposable rubbish they have now.

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    There speaks an old moaner! Sound like me

    In fairness, my 400 commodore 64 has only been worth a tenner since the late 80s, and my iphone and ipad have changed my working life in a way that is incomparable to any other product- well worh the outlay. Both work perfectly one year after purhase, by comparison my expensive HP netbook looked knackered after six months- im a big apple fan now.

    I believe the point of Peter Kays routine is each generation believes their cultural artifacts to be better than prior generations; my Gran liked Sinatra, my Dad liked the Beatles, I like Duran Duran, and my daughter likes The Wanted. My Gran hated Duran Duran, my dad hates The Wanted, my daugter considers all previous music to be dull, and I dislike all bar the band with too many Taylors... I collect game prices for retro consoles from eBay

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