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    Great news for any Jaws fans my favourite film is at long last being released on Blu ray on 03 September you can pre order it at and I for one cant wait as it also includes "the shark is still working" documentary which is supposed to be amazing
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    Thought this was already out? as I have a 720/1080 copy already, but seems my copy is from HDTV

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    Thank's for the heads up! I've been looking for this one ever since I bought my Blu-Ray player

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    Here's a short film on how they restored the movie for Blu ray!

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    "I think we're gonna need a bigger boat."
    For me, Jaws is gonna be an essential blu ray purchase.
    By the way, has anyone seen the grindhouse version of Jaws.
    Well worth looking out for, it's been re-edited to make it seem to be a low budget grindhouse style movie.
    They also did the same thing with Star Wars.

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    Not got a Blu ray player or a HDTV but still got this and in the limited edition tin to boot.
    The shark is still working documentary was made by fans of the movie from Nice guys.

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    They've done a great job restoring it. It looks and sounds fantastic.

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    Couldn't agree more I keep spotting little details that I have never spotted on the original video/DVD.
    I just hope that Jaws 2 gets a decent Blu ray release.

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    we going need a bigger boat ... wha a classic line

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