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Thread: Vesta Meals!

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    Red face Vesta Meals!

    After reading some memories of these I just had to go and buy one! Was thrilled to see that the range seems to be exactly the same....Beef Risotto, Beef Curry, Chow Mein and Paella. I've bought a Paella as it was always a *real* treat to be allowed to have one for dinner in the late 70s!

    Will it taste the same? Will it? I don't know......fingers crossed!

    ~ Smee_1972

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    god.....i didnt know you could still get them....prawn curry.....quality
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    Didn't you get an 'extra' packet of crispy things with the Chow Mein?

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    Red face

    Yes, and you still do! You have to deep fry them. Haven't tried that one yet, mind!

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    They were the last word in exotic cuisine back then before multiculture arrived.
    Into the 5th Millennium & beyond...!

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    Default vesta chow mein

    Quote Originally Posted by Smee_1972
    Yes, and you still do! You have to deep fry them. Haven't tried that one yet, mind!
    Got two in the cupboard now!
    Mrs Oggy
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    hi guys long time no speak , i remember having a vesta curry in the late 80,s and i was lurvley , as i was not a curry fan it opened up a whole new world to me , as i remember it was really fruity ooer !

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    hi smee , just seen your photo on your post and do you know what spam stands for ?

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    Red face Vestaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Hey Momma M - do remember to report back to us on what it tastes like!!!

    And Steve - assuming you mean what SPAM actually stands for (and you're not referring to some cheekier version!) then isn't it spiced pork and ham? Not *quite* an acronym, but close. If it were a true aconym we'd all be eating SPAH. Which sounds revolting, and I wouldn't feed it to my dog.


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    oh is it , i was tiold it stood for

    as this was widely used during ww2 by the yanks for their soldiers
    apparently !

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