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    Ok While I am sitting here at work (its 4am!) and the forums have got me thinking of all those toys I used to have but now can't for the life of me remember what they were called or anything -

    One was a box (I think it had a picture of an old London Routemaster on it) which when you lifted the lid off revealed a roadway/town scenario - You inserted a gearstick like pole into a hole and then placed a car on the "road" then waggled the stick until the magnet underneath the board started to move the then had control of the car and could make it go wherever you wanted to on the "road". I think there was a small plastic garage you tried to put the car into and maybe small plastic signs that fitted into the scenario somewhere.....its been 35 years and my memory of this gamme is very sketchy...any help though would be appreciated!!

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    The Merit remote control driving test!
    I have a nice copy.

    Originating in the fifties... (whoops) but fortunately still being produced in the seventies so I can mention it here!
    The version below has the bus on it, even.
    Vintage Toy Box-Vintage Toys-Vintage Toys - Misc-REMOTE CONTROL DRIVING TEST - MERIT
    "It's never too late to have a happy childhood."

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    Oh wow! I had totally forgotten that toy!

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    Yes Yes Yes THATS IT !!!!! Thank you so much for the research and reply!

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    Another pic of it ! Ah the memories!

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    Was that gearstick where the inspiration for a daleks eye came from?

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    I loved this - wow - a blast from the past - thanks

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