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  1. Defining song of the 80's?
  2. Defining songs of the 70's
  3. Song Title Game
  4. Best & Worst Songs Of the '80s
  5. Who made the best music videos?
  6. songs songs songs
  7. help?
  8. HELP !!!! Can anyone help me find this song/group ??? 90's
  9. Help!!!!
  10. best song ever!!!
  11. Remember Mr Boombastic?
  12. Robots in a Gondola (70's/80's) Anybody Remember the them?
  13. I only Have the chorus
  14. Song from the mask (classical Opera Italian)
  15. Sinead O'Connor sings it but whats it called
  16. need help!
  17. 80s gail needs help again!
  18. this is bugging me beyond belief!!
  19. What's your all time favorite rock lyrics???
  20. How many times have you seen the Stones??
  21. life in a northern town ?
  22. christmas songs
  23. Talking About A Revolution
  24. Dancing tight
  25. Talk Talk
  26. early 80's scots song
  27. Better or worse Cover songs?
  28. Dream Academy
  29. Oh my God Please Help!!
  30. I need help tracking down a track
  31. HELP!!!! Does anyone know this song?????
  32. Please Help Me!
  33. San Sebastian (?) song in the 80s - Help
  34. 80's Music Videos
  35. Loneranger
  36. help!!! I've been looking for this song for years...
  37. Banjo dance song,
  38. 80's songs on your Ipod
  39. late seventies early eighties song
  40. 1st Album & Single you ever bought
  41. Tantalise (Wo Wo Ee Yeh Yeh)
  42. singles that are the same name as the group who wrote them
  43. desperately wanted please
  44. What genre of music you love to listen?
  45. 2 4 6 8 how far can we go......
  46. Songs you never had a clue what they were on about, but wish youd known
  47. My mummy always said ....!@#$!?
  48. Fashion music?
  49. Interpretation of EVERYONE'S GONE TO THE MOON
  50. The Lone Ranger
  51. I need your help... with a song....
  52. can anybody help me with a song
  53. Songs that remind you of past girlfriends /boyfriends
  54. Sample City!!
  55. Lyrically threading....
  56. a song title
  57. Need help finding song...
  58. vocoder related help please.......
  59. Love /Hate songs
  60. Song or Album titles A to Z
  61. What song was it that had the lyrics
  62. song of today does anyone know
  63. mod song
  64. NO.1 the Day you were born
  65. Girlfriend in a Coma
  66. Cold day in Bournemouth ?
  67. Can anyone remember this album?
  68. Do you know what this song is called?
  69. Song about John McEnroe
  70. Candy flip
  71. What You might hear on HMP RADIO!
  72. my favourite song
  73. early eighties song.
  74. Playlists of your life
  75. Help With A Song
  76. Sound Tracks
  77. spagna
  78. First ever single you bought??
  79. Top 5 most played tunes on your iPod
  80. An Album/cd you bought.......
  81. Sensational 70s
  82. Olympics music!
  83. Another request for help from a newbie...
  84. Comedy records/songs
  85. Check this song out.....
  86. Who Taped the Charts????
  87. What do you think of MIS-HAP......
  88. disco 45 and words
  89. Music that shaped your Life
  90. B side to the Dr Who theme
  91. Long shot/Believe ?
  92. Song memories....
  93. Number one the day you were conceived
  94. Watching TOTP2
  95. nananananana...something with a bald guy
  96. Name this tune :)
  97. cant remember the title of the song
  98. "show you how to touch me ...ahhh ahhhh"
  99. THE greatest Motown song..
  100. Help me name the artist
  101. The toothbrush song!!!
  102. Favourite Song Ever??
  103. Guilty Pleasures
  104. What music did your parents listen to?
  105. Sing Something Simple
  106. Intaferon-Get out of London
  107. Fantastic records/Fantastic Forgotten record Thread
  108. What songs make you happy??.... Or make you Cry?
  109. David Essex
  110. Old Songs!!
  111. the more i think of you the more i love my dog
  112. Most Embarrassing Record in your collection!
  113. Hits of....
  114. Help - Please name 80's song ...
  115. Seventies Reggae
  116. song lyrics bugging me
  117. what is the song name
  118. Roller Skating Songs
  119. Whats this song?
  120. Old songs recently discovered
  121. Anyone Remember this 90's Music Video
  122. songs of the 70's
  123. who sang this song from the 70's called Milly Molly Mandy
  124. please HELP me!!!
  125. Totp2
  126. songs you haven't heard in ages
  127. Free 80s Albums
  128. 70's/80's One hit Wonders
  129. Stoopid
  130. Help finding song
  131. The New Supremes
  132. Eighties song about a hungry dog?
  133. Hi Ho silver lining
  134. The fairy on the Christmas tree!
  135. Nature - James Brown - Live
  136. Christmas songs that make you cringe
  137. Does anyone recall this song?
  138. Track from early 90's maybe 91
  139. Now One Re- Released on CD
  140. Jethro Tull : Witches Promise
  141. who sang this song and whats it called
  142. Mods 'n' punks
  143. Bird House In Your Soul
  144. Song from the early 90s` maybe
  145. song title?
  146. Type:Living Colour
  147. Help I.D. 70 songs
  148. Song title - HELP
  149. Stairway to Heaven
  150. 118-118..who you gonna call? Ghostbusters.
  151. Mr. Big in the 70's
  152. What was the first CD and CD player you bought
  153. Song names please!
  154. Yellow Dog - 'One More Night'
  155. The 12" single
  156. The nightmare returns...
  157. Identify a song from these lyrics
  158. what is this song??????
  159. George Michael "spin offs"
  160. help me find a song
  161. Yet another song mystery
  162. What song tells about you?
  163. Haunting Songs
  164. your 80's top 10
  165. Help with a Tony Christie 'B' side
  166. 1979 song and artist quiz question
  167. Best ever year in pop music
  168. Long shot....
  169. 4 more songsthat need identifying (W/ video)
  170. Help with dance song
  171. Help with ditty
  172. Unknown record
  173. 80s soundtrack to your life
  174. The Stripper
  175. Music video
  176. help needed on a song please!!!
  177. Best Intros
  178. Peter Pan You Can Fly
  179. HOT Summertime.....
  180. Madonna and Otto Van Wernez
  181. Songs with meaning
  182. Hot Gossip
  183. Can anyone please tell me the name of this song???
  184. Just thought I'd share this beautty with you...
  185. 1970's comedy song about detectives on telly
  186. oldies on the radio
  187. Classis Albums of the 70s
  188. carry me home
  189. Brian The Singing Miner
  190. Yuppie Love....only fools and horses..1989
  191. Summer songs 70's-90's
  192. Favourite disco songs 70-90's
  193. A Song for Europe - 'RAGS'
  194. Your Secret Song Shame!!
  195. Please help with 2 songs
  196. I Need Your Help to ID Obscure 80's Music Video
  197. Help with this one, yet another song...
  198. Olivia Newton-John
  199. Best Backing Vocals?
  200. what's this 80's song/band ?
  201. Wrong lyrics
  202. unknown song from 70s/80s
  203. Where can I hear Beach Party by The Love Generation?
  204. lost songs
  205. Hi Ho Silver Lining
  206. Early Obscure Bands and Songs
  207. Early 90s Dance Song
  208. First song you remember hearing and where?
  209. Naff Embarrassing Songs You Cant Help Loving - Enter The Confession Box!
  210. Urgent help needed to identify song.
  211. A song and video vaguely remembered...HELP!
  212. Does anyone remember who this is?
  213. Do You Think He Will Eat Daddy Long Legs?
  214. Favourite Music Videos?
  215. Best Rock Ballads
  216. The forgotten Christmas song
  217. Jingle Bells, Batman Smells
  218. help needed...who sung this version of silent night?
  219. Need Help Please!
  220. The Great British Songbook of the 1980's/Radio 2
  221. First popstar pin up
  222. Orange Juice - " Mud In Your Eye "
  223. breakaway by Gallagher and lyle
  224. Help with a Rolf Harris song
  225. Music Videos
  226. Happy Hour
  227. we do it by r&j stone
  228. Songwriters
  229. Oh my God Please Help!!
  230. O, Superman
  231. looking for the name of a singer or band
  232. Looking for name of a song...
  233. Looking for a lost song...
  234. Please help find another song... easier?
  235. Would love help with this one
  236. Identifying French pop song - Summer 1980
  237. Looking for another song
  238. Boys From The Blackstuff......Moonlighter PT 3
  239. nik kershaw -the riddle
  240. Two songs on a BBC radio program which was broadcast some time in the early - mid 90s
  241. A Rose Has To Die Old 70's song i think
  242. Where did you get those lyrics??
  243. Top ten million sellers of the 80s whats your fave?
  244. Which song/video would you like to make your own?
  245. Playlists
  246. School song. please help me find the lyrics
  247. Do you have one song that rounds up your entire childhood?
  248. name of compilation album
  249. Songs that aren't meant to be funny, but are...
  250. Desert island discs