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  1. It's A Gag A Minute!
  2. A Tribute to The King of Pop
  3. Brand new single from Norwegian Pop Masters A-Ha
  4. The Hand-Bell Ringers of Great Britain vs The Orb
  5. Rubik's Cube Grinders
  6. Congratulations!
  7. Just another week for the DYR team...
  8. Is Anybody There?
  9. Congratulations to...
  10. Health and safety gone mad?
  11. Win tickets to see 10CC!
  12. Those old Romantics!
  13. Just one more thing...
  14. And The Winners Are...
  15. Happy Birthday Barbie!
  16. Brand-new retro podcast
  17. Win The Cosby Show DVD!
  18. Bill's back!
  19. It's a Snow Day!
  20. James Bond: licence to chill
  21. Jump to it!
  22. It's a shell-abration!
  23. Viking icons of synth pop are back
  24. Viking icons of synth pop are back
  25. A-ha is top of the pops at itunes festival
  26. A-ha to battle it out with Jacko
  27. Charity auction for signed A-Ha album
  28. Bagpuss helps Asthma UK
  29. Joaquin Phoenix in Two Lovers
  30. In memory of John Hughes
  31. Aqua are back!
  32. Congratulations!
  33. He still makes us feel like dancing!
  34. Celebrity chef Keith Floyd dies
  35. Chas & Dave split!
  36. Attention Rod Stewart fans!
  37. Rainbow Unzipped!
  38. Return Of The Fleetwood Mac
  39. Chocs away!
  40. Nostalgic fun at the A-ha concert
  41. Bee Gees 50th anniversary
  42. The Muppets' Bohemian Rhapsody
  43. Can I get a rewind?
  44. Merry Christmas From DYR!
  45. Welcome to the Tenners!
  46. A-Team movie in cinemas June/July
  47. American - the Bill Hicks story
  48. Nostalgia in a shoe!
  49. Rubik's Birthday!
  50. PacMan found in outer space
  51. James Taylor and Carole King - Live at the Troubadour
  52. Smurf news
  53. "The Raggy Dolls" out on DVD
  54. Tickle-on-the-Tum!
  55. Big Trak... it's back!
  56. Exciting new sponsor
  57. King of Kong
  58. RAWHIDE! Yeee-ha!
  59. Competition winners
  60. The Koolest man in music
  61. Rubik's for the big screen!
  62. Have you played pinball recently?
  63. Happy Smurfmas and a Merry Smurf year!
  64. Airwolf! Danger! There will be expolsions!
  65. Etch-a-phone!
  66. JR Hartley? Wasn't he a DJ?
  67. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (reloaded)
  68. Computers go retro!
  69. Now That's What I Call Music!
  70. Ford Capri's at the ready! The Professionals come to the Big Screen!
  71. Museums of Nostalgia!
  72. July is the month of the Smurf!
  73. Smurf-thing old, Smurf-thing new
  74. The Day of the Smurf
  75. Get Telly on your Telly!
  76. Lovejoy!
  77. Sonic the 20 year old hedgehog!
  78. Thundercats! Ho!
  79. Going back in time - to save money!
  80. The Complete Stone Roses
  81. Sir Jimmy Savile 1926 - 2011
  82. The Hitchikers Guide to 2011
  83. Mark Hall, 1936 - 2011
  84. The past will be BACK this Christmas!
  85. G'day Sullivans!
  86. Love is... Smurfy
  87. RIP Whitney Houston
  88. Upstairs, Downstairs
  89. Paddington Bear: UK's Favourite Animated Character
  90. Easter viewing
  91. Look who it is...
  92. Mr. T goes from gold to green
  93. Tribute to Donna Summer
  94. Famous Five Series 1 out now on DVD
  95. Famous Five Series 2 out now on DVD
  96. Wham bam!
  97. "License to Drive" 80s comedy now on DVD
  98. Celebrate 70 years of Enid Blyton with the Famous Five Collection Edition Series 1 +
  99. "The Very Best of Blancmange" compilation album now available
  100. New 80s book from the creator of DoYouRemember
  101. Relive your eighties childhood with this fantastic new 80s book
  102. Brilliant 80s fancy dress costumes!
  103. Bring Back Ceefax... in a Mug
  104. Imperial War Museum.