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  1. Butlins
  2. What Did You Really Want off Santa?
  3. *~*Xmas Memories of Yester year!*~*
  4. Holidays - Where did you go?
  5. Dear Santa Please Can I have........
  6. Merry Christmas!!!
  7. Don't worry, soon be Xmas
  8. Bonfire night
  9. never ending summer
  10. Christmas past
  11. Christmas Snowman
  12. Christmas...Store Santas
  13. Cooling off in a 70s summer
  14. Christmas past!
  15. Christmas When You Were Growing Up
  16. Blue Peter Advent Crown
  17. Isle of Man Summerland Fire
  18. Inter Rail
  19. Odd Question
  20. Pantomime at Christmas!
  21. Amusement arcade machine
  22. American Adventure Theme Park
  23. 70's summers in Folkestone
  24. Who remembers early package holidays of 1970s?
  25. Bank Holidays
  26. West Midlands Safari Park - The Cobra
  27. Christmas Advent Calendar from the 80's can anyone help?
  28. does anyone remember a beach opposite tower bridge
  29. King's Holiday Camp at Canvey Island
  30. Does Anyone One Remember Filey Butlins
  31. Holiday Brochures from the 80s
  32. What naff souvenirs did you or your parents come home from holiday with?
  33. Seaside memories
  34. pier Amusements
  35. Butlin's to Launch Online Archive in 2016
  36. The Crow's Nest Cafe Highcliffe near Christchurch England
  37. Seaside Rock
  38. Travelling Without a Passport
  39. Naughty Carol's
  40. Land's End
  41. The most beautiful place you have visited
  42. 'Magica'l New Years Eves when you were growing up...
  43. Easter
  44. British coastal towns
  45. Thomas Cook - 1841-2019
  46. see y'all in a week
  47. What Were Your Best Holidays As A Kid or Growing Up
  48. Great Yarmouth