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10-09-2011, 02:33
hey guys,

Trying to remember a line of toys I used to have as a kid. They were these military vehicles like a helicopter, jet and such that would transform into a base with smaller vehicles and weapons. with them, there were these light tan and dark colored men who you could have sit and man all the weapons. I'm not thinking of Keller's Mega force line. Any help with this is very appreciated

10-09-2011, 10:28
Are you thinking of Secret Army Supplies.

Someone mentioned these only recently, here's a link.


13-09-2011, 07:18
No, that's not what I"m thinking of. These were vehicles that changed to bases. For example, I had a helicopter one that when you hit a switch on its side, the helicopter would open up so that it would sit on the props as a swivelling base with the tail section propped up into a missile launcher. Another example would be the jet in the series. Its back would completely open up into a base where the tail section would come out and be a smaller bomber helicopter. A friend of mine had a tank and a boat which did similar things as well.

13-09-2011, 13:20
Army Gear by Galoob ?


13-09-2011, 13:28
Good suggestion, but all the info I can find does not mention a plane or Helicopter in the range :(

Micro Machines?

13-09-2011, 13:56
Good suggestion, but all the info I can find does not mention a plane or Helicopter in the range :(

Micro Machines?

Doh :cry: let's hope you are right then ;)

13-09-2011, 17:06
I think he's on about Kenner's MEGA FORCE toyline.


Bluebird Toys ZERO HOUR range, known as CODE ZERO in the US when marketed via Mattel in the USA and when they bought out Bluebird-simple re-labeled packaging.

13-09-2011, 20:21
Its close to the Mega Force toyline, but I checked all those and it wasn't them even though I had gotten some of those thinking they were the same. I said that these were military vehicles, but they were a little more futuristic looking. The little men that came with them weren't dressed like normal military forces but more futuristic. If I still have some of them I'll try to get a picture and post it, though they may be buried up in an attic somewhere.

14-09-2011, 13:54
Captain Power and The Soldiers of The future???

Mate...you need to be a bit more descriptive, or if you have a pic of the stuff I bet I could identify it asap once I've seen the pics. ;)

17-09-2011, 04:35
So yeah, they are in a place i can't get yet so I'll try to be as descriptive as possible of the model I remember the most which is the jet. If I remember correctly, the jet was modeled after a harrier jet. the color scheme was mostly black with orange wing tips that could come of as pat of the playset. The jet would split along the back and open up into a base with guns that the little plastic men could sit in. The tail portion would come out and become a little bomber that would drop a bomb when a switch on the back of the bomber was pressed. I also remember that the decals on the body of the jet looked a bit like a blue and yellow eagle, but I can't confirm that part yet. If I have time this week I'll try to explore the attic and see if I can find some parts of them to take pictures of.

17-09-2011, 17:43
Sounds to me like Zero Hour...however, if you remember the size of the figures it'd help too, if they were Action Force/Star Wars 3 3/4 sized or M.A.S.K/Dino Riders size which was 2 or so inches.

17-09-2011, 17:55
This is Zero Hour. Ring any bells?


17-09-2011, 18:00

Deffo this one, has the decals in top picture

17-09-2011, 18:14
The aircraft sets were called Eagle Air Squadron
see logo on left of pic


17-09-2011, 18:21

17-09-2011, 22:06
The little plane, bottom right with the large translucent canopy in the first pic isn't Zero Hour at all, the rest of the stuff is. As a kid I had the enemy figure packet consisting of 24 B.A.D. BRIGADE soldiers and their 3 Leaders: THE JACKAL, THE BULL and THE WEASEL, who was literally skinny and well, weasely. I then had the Mattel CODE ZERO (basically what it was called in the USA) boxed version of the B.A.D. BRIGADE yellow bus that came with a few more troops, the Leaders and a small red and grey tri bike. Would liked to have got more as I liked the simplicity of the line and the artwork on the packets/boxes. I do wish Bluebird had made them in M.A.N.T.A. FORCE scale and the men were more posable actually...

I'm sure he's on about ZERO HOUR-especially since the description of the plane sounds like the one I was thinking of as confirmed by that pic.

18-09-2011, 05:34
So I guess I can't edit my post, meant to put down that in the center of the jet if its opened up has a launcher that can launch discs straight up in the air when the disc is twisted on top of it.

18-09-2011, 05:44
In reply to the latest comments, no it isn't Zero hour as the jet was closer to a harrier jet in style and the bomber that came out of it is actually the tail section of the larger jet itself, not resting on top of it. As far as the size of the figurines with it, they were really small. Probably only about a quarter of an inch tall. Most of them were molded into seated positions, but some were standing or kneeling with rifles. The vehicles that transformed themselves were anywhere from a foot to 1.5 feet long closed up in vehicle mode.

I will say thanks to all the replies. Haven't found it yet but I know we will find it eventually.

18-09-2011, 18:09
Its got to be part of Zero Hour. They were one of the only toys that had figures molded into positions and match what you say....Another line was called Chopper Ace, don't know who made them but may be similar....you need to put pics up of what you have.

18-09-2011, 19:00
Shocked to hear its not the correct one.

Chopper Ace was made by Canada Games apparently


19-09-2011, 04:37
Okay, after doing about 2 hours of searching, I found a few parts to a few of the sets and took some pictures of them. I still have a few places to look for the main parts. But here's what I have.

This is the tail section for the helicopter. Its about 4 inches long, has a missile inside that is fired from squeezing the orange trigger on the tail. It also has the symbol on all the sets on the tail.



These 2 pictures are of parts of the Jet. The top picture is of 2 hidden missile launchers that are usually attached to the wing engines. The bottom is of the bomber that is the tail of the jet itself and is about 4 inches long.

I hope these images help some, and I really hope I can find the rest of these sets within the next few days.

19-09-2011, 17:10
^ These are the rare Galoob XPanders :)

19-09-2011, 17:14
F4 xpander


19-09-2011, 17:14


19-09-2011, 17:27
The plane expanded


19-09-2011, 17:28
The Chopper expanded


19-09-2011, 17:32


19-09-2011, 17:45
:) Good work!
This one shows the plane in action


19-09-2011, 17:50
Easy when some clever cloggs supplies a name :) ;)

19-09-2011, 18:27
Yep that's them. Didn't realize it was Galoob like Army Gear was. There were 6 vehicles in total. A chopper, an F-4 fighter, a tank, a PT boat, a 4X4, and an ATV. I had all but the tank. Thanks for all the helpl

20-09-2011, 02:13
I'd seen Xpanders and thought of suggesting them having seen them on Virtual Toy Chest but I may not have looked too properly as I thought they made no mention of figures for the sets....anyhow, job done and mystery solved.

09-11-2011, 00:47
I had the 4x4 and the atv. They have two different types of drivers, one with the legs closed and one with the legs wide open. I used to use the one with the legs closed in my g1 and g2 transformers.