View Full Version : Christmas Advent Calendar from the 80's can anyone help?

12-05-2012, 21:00
When we were young my sister and I remember opening our advent calendars and finding little plastic toys in them only about a centimetre and a bit long. We cannot find anything whatsoever about these calendars and want to know if we are both going mad! does anyone else remember advent calendars with little plastic toys in instead of chocolate??? any help would be so much appreciated! Laura x

06-06-2012, 20:02
I have looked into this, cant find anything...but I'll post if I ever do :)

02-08-2013, 21:47
No, you aren't going mad, we had something similar at Christmas in 1980. It had plastic animals in it, each was about 2cm tall. I think I still have a couple in a box somewhere so if I can find them I'll take some pics and see if they trigger any memories. We also had another calendar that had mini Christmas decorations (Santa, gingerbread house, trumpet, holly wreath, tin soldier...) in it that you could hang on one of those mini Christmas trees.