View Full Version : What was your first Radio?

07-07-2013, 22:53
I remember getting for xmas in 1986 a Realistic FM/AM Flavour radio in blue Model no 12-721. They sold them in Tandy, I still have it. My sister had the pink one they did.

08-07-2013, 07:07
The only thing I remember was a red transistor radio in the house with those square shaped battery that fitted inside,but you had to link up the small metal bits for it to work

Powdered toast man
08-07-2013, 14:59
A Boots FM/MW radio cassette recorder in silver with a black carry handle. Used 4 C cell batteries and it went with me everywhere. It only had a single speaker but great sound quality. It got replaced with a Super Woofer ghetto blaster which got accidentally smashed in the local playfield when an older kid rode his bike over it after a stunt went wrong :-( Luckily the Depeche Mode tape survived.

08-07-2013, 17:32
Mine was a Grundig ghetto blaster style 3 band radio / tape recorder which I bought with birthday money in 1987.

It did decent service upto the end of 1995 when I got a Samsung portable CD player with 2 tape decks, which I still have. The only problem I remember with it was chewing the odd tape.

For a few more years it was in my parents kitchen, but the drive belts on the tape deck perished so it was put to one side. It might still be in their garage, but could have gone in a clearout.

I've think I've still got the manual for it somewhere.

08-07-2013, 18:19
Philips, squarish thing, LW/MW/FM. Very good reception and on long wave you felt like you were flying through Europe. Had a handle you could angle so it would lie on it's side with the tuner pointing at you. Took it everywhere from about 13yrs to 16yrs.

To this day I still take something to listen to everywhere.

jason h
08-07-2013, 18:37
Mine was this Philips AM Radio. I remember buying it on my 9th Birthday from Rumbelows. It came with a cream coloured, single speaker earphone that looked like a hearing aid. I remember tuning into Radio One under my covers at night and I also listened to Radio Two - in the early 80s they aired classic ghost stories. I also liked hanging it off the handle-bars of my red Raleigh Grifter, while riding around with the music playing.:)