View Full Version : Rik Mayall...who was your fave character ?

12-09-2014, 21:17
As we all know the great Rik Mayall left us not long ago. As he was one of my faves I wondered which character he played was your favourite? Here is a list to choose from. You may have another I haven't listed, it's just a few to start you off.

Kevin Turvey ( A kick up the eighties )
(P)Rick (The Young Ones )
Various roles ( The Comic Strip )
Richard Dangerous ( The Dangerous Brothers-Saturday Live )
Lord Flashheart ( Blackadder )
Gertrude "Ritchie" Rich ( Filthy Rich and Catflap )
Alan B'Stard ( The New Statesman )
Richard "Richie" Richard ( Bottom )

Mine would be the gunslinger in " A Fistful of Travellers Cheques-Comic Strip" :D

12-09-2014, 23:19
I liked him in the "Four Men in a Car" episode of "The Comic Strip"

12-09-2014, 23:23
There's also Bombardier Bedford from the Bombardier adverts.

12-09-2014, 23:47
Richie From Bottom & Rik from the young ones for me

13-09-2014, 12:18
Richie From Bottom & Rik from the young ones for me

Me too especially opposite Ade Edmondson in Bottom - They were like a modern day Laurel & Hardy :D

13-09-2014, 20:57
Richie, without a doubt

I. R. Fincham
14-09-2014, 06:37
I saw him as the lead in The Government Inspector (http://posters.nationaltheatre.org.uk/art/490042/The_Government_Inspector)at the National. I got his autograph on my Young Ones book. I think I still have it ... somewhere.

05-10-2014, 23:44
Alan Bstard a definate product of his trime

I. R. Fincham
06-10-2014, 10:02
Let's not forget King Herod


08-10-2014, 20:30
I would have gone with Richie from Bottom or his character from Four Men in a Car but I'll always think of him as Drop Dead Fred. That was truly one of my favourite childhood films, taped it off the tv when it was on one Christmas holidays and watched it over and over. When he passed away a few months back I made it a bit of a mission to pick it up on DVD and you can luckily always find it in HMV for about three quid. I got round to watching it a few weeks back and it didn't half bring back memories, the end of it where he bids farewell to the girl is really sad and very poignant considering he sadly left us for real earlier this year.

On a side note I'm currently reading his book and it is typically crazy, read it if you haven't done so!