View Full Version : Merry Christmas!!!

24-12-2006, 14:20
Well, it's Christmas Eve and I only have to go to Tesco's once more before it's finally Christmas! Hurrah!

Just wanted to wish you all a fantastic Christmas.....Oggy & Momma, am thinking of you, hope everything went well!

Hope that everyone has a fantastic time...let's get together after the big day to compare pressies!!!

~Smee_1972 :o

24-12-2006, 18:46
Have a great xmas too Smee_72 and everyone else here. :)

24-12-2006, 20:27

25-12-2006, 15:40
Merry christmas everyone thanks for being part of the DYR community

28-12-2006, 13:52
A pleasure, dons & now a little of the Gaelic that they tried to knock into us in school over here : Go mbeirimid go leir beo ar an am seo aris ( may we all be alive and well a year on ) !

28-12-2006, 14:44
Thanx hon... well Momma got Lush smellies and Thorntons choccies with a Jamie Oliver cookbook and a Colin Forbes novel.
Oggy got.....Dr Who stuff!