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George 1978
30-09-2019, 13:19
This could come under either Radio or Sport, but I think that it primarily comes under Radio:

Does anyone remember the snooker player Steve Davis having a stint as a DJ in around 1989-1990 on various commercial radio stations around the country? (Trent FM certainly had it, which often gave the illusion that national presenters literally broadcast exclusively from the Nottingham studios of Trent, although I believe that it came from Capital in London). He had a show on Saturday evenings, probably during the summer around that time, playing alternative music such as rock or something like that.

Such a career change for someone famous for one genre is not impossible but is rather rare. Looking back, I am almost certain that it was another Steve Davis - some DJ who just happened to have the same name as the snooker player, although it could be the Plumstead Potting Machine trying to shake off his snooker stereotype image by doing something rather unrelated to what he is strongly associated with, and kudos to him for doing just that.

I mentioned this many years ago when I was a member of Digital Spy, but does anyone remember the Nugget doing that?

01-10-2019, 12:38
Very interesting!

If he played loads of Magma, it was him! ;)

George 1978
01-10-2019, 22:48
I suppose it was - perhaps that Snooker Loopy song inspired him?