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28-10-2007, 09:36
Is this too early? I must admit that since my little boy is definitely at the stage of getting excited about the impending holiday season I've been thinking more and more about my favourite Xmas memories.

I think my best Christmas is probably a mix-up of lots of different years - setting up Flight Deck so it ran the whole length of the living room, hunting for pressies weeks before the day, Noel Edmonds at the top of the Post Office Tower, TOTP on at lunchtime, annoying everyone by 10.00 with the Stylophone, being a little bored in the afternoon when the grown-ups would have a snooze after a massive lunch and there were no mates to go around and see, 'tree' presents that you had in the evening (did anyone else have that?).

Ok, so it's probably a bit too early ;)

29-10-2007, 20:01
I remember what i was little my folks used to let me take 1 small present to bed with me so i could open it when i woke on xmas morning..give me summat to do untill it was actualy time to get up *laughs* But my fave thing in the world was and still is putting up the tree and decorating it :D

29-10-2007, 20:20
All my Christmases where great as a child. Mum used to let me have one small gift to open when I awoke on Christmas morning. My parents were in charge of a community centre and our house was attached to it so it made perfect sense that all the family came to us for the day. I always remember one particular Christmas it was 1969, I got 'Hot Wheels', a Chopper Bike AND a Secret Sam gun all at the same time! I can remember worrying a little if there would be a birthday that year!
I still like to feel like a little kid again at Christmas and ensure that I buy myself something that is frivolous and self indulgent. Last year was a massive Scaletrix set.

30-10-2007, 09:40
Despite the earlier and earlier kick off each year Christmas should be fun

As a Kid

All the christmas parties( especially my Dads works doo, always the best pressie)
Nativity play at primary school
the christmas disco at secondary school
My first bike(second hand but I loved that bike)
Snow -it always snowed then didn't it?

As an Adult
having to eat more christmas dinners than you could shake a stick at, to keep all the in-laws and out-laws happy.

As a parent

Keeping up the traditions and seeing the same look on your kids faces as they opened their pressies.

Filing for bankrupcy after the 26th of Dec