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20-05-2005, 11:31
This game is just like the questions game but you ask a member of your choice a question i'll start us off with my question the person who i ask a question then has their turn to ask a member one.
Bumblelady a question for you: Do you think you'll marry your partner?

20-05-2005, 21:17
no i dont, ive been married before i had the big white wedding and i dont want to go through it all again, happy as i am not going to spoil it.
my question to dondons, why are you going to marry your partner can you see yourselfs growing old together?.

20-05-2005, 21:46
if i'm truthful we have a very volatile relationship, we split up in february and after a week of being over he asked me to marry him i just sort of said yes cos i was very low with other distractions in my life, i can't see myself growing to 30 with him at the moment!
question to bumblelady how did you meet your partner?

20-05-2005, 21:59
spoke to him on a cb radio and then met up in person, i was with someone at the time but very unhappy.
didint see any future in us but it was better than being alone, now still with him 5 years later
question to spiral, when do you want to settle down get married and have kids?

20-05-2005, 23:01
um, to b honest,never. Im happy being single, thankyou and i'll just stick with pets. Much easier to care for :)
Ok, question for xmarkx...um....did you ever have an imaginary friend?

21-05-2005, 06:43
no not realy wish i did now though looks like it was fun
question for dondons..... if you had the choice would you go back in time and why ?

21-05-2005, 09:07
this probably sounds really sad but if i could i would go back 6 years and i'd have made sure i was single and married the man of my dreams instead of letting him marry someone else

question to salty if you could change anything in your life what would it be and why?

21-05-2005, 19:29
made sure i was single 6 years ago so i could of grown old with the lady who truly holds my heart!

question for every one-are you happy or do you ever wish you listened to your parents?

21-05-2005, 19:31
your parents are always right mine certainly were, it'll never last and you'll be miserable dondons springs to mind!!!
Salty's question is to everyone so everyone.........are you happy or do you wish you'd listened to your parents?

22-05-2005, 20:30
question to spiral: do you have any regrets in life?

22-05-2005, 20:42
Well.....when my old cat Thomas passed away a few years ago i deeply regreted not staying up with him and even more so not being th eone to bury him....really regreted that

question to salty..why do u think ya chubby when ya obviously not?

22-05-2005, 21:28

22-05-2005, 22:09
that was an old picture taken last year,i have a couple more chins and am carrying a few extra inches around the waist!
question to sprial what do you think about when you wake up?

22-05-2005, 22:10
"awwww....i dun wanna get up!!" lol
to salty, where do u live?

22-05-2005, 22:14
in a house,a very big house in the country!-only pulling your leg,i live in birmingham

question back at you where would you like to live?

23-05-2005, 19:26
Hmmmm....i like it where i am..but Blackpool would be cool :D
Ok...ummm @ Dondons...what is your favorite past time?

23-05-2005, 20:10
havent really got one
ques to salty - have you ever sat in a pub and thrown mushrooms at anyone?

23-05-2005, 21:36
yep,me and the lady i love have thrown mushrooms at people whilst sitting outside in the summer sun!happy days!

question to anyone,can you think of a question for me to ask someone?

23-05-2005, 21:38
yes ask if anyone wants a date with you!

23-05-2005, 21:38
salty do you think you will end up marrying dondons

23-05-2005, 21:42
i don`t think any one would want a date with me,and dondons is already getting married!

question to bumble,is there a chance you`ll put your undercrakers on inside out tommrrow and not bother to change them the right way?

23-05-2005, 21:52
no im a clean girl.

but if dondons didint et married and you got single would you be together

23-05-2005, 22:02
thats a no!!!!!

23-05-2005, 22:05
oi im asking salty lol

24-05-2005, 06:27
you tell em bumble

24-05-2005, 13:14
xmark what do you do for a job i know director but off what?

24-05-2005, 21:45
work for our selfs selling tools for our own company bit like doit all
q:- bumble how old was you when you had first kiddy?

24-05-2005, 22:16
im self employed also
i was 24.
Q: salty how long will u stay in your job for?,

24-05-2005, 22:29
for as long as i can,i always wanted to be a fireman not to be a hero but to help and make a difference!

question to sprial if you havent allready,would you like a man to cuddle up to at night?

24-05-2005, 22:31
um...nah, i like having the bed all to myself.

to...salty. how long have u been a fireman?

24-05-2005, 22:38
for the last 5 years,i served in the army for 2 years before,did 2 years in bosnia and then did charity work there,came home and joined the brigade!no regets though!

question to dondons,any regrets?

24-05-2005, 22:39
too many to mention but you don't want them listing do you?
Q to salty what is the best brigade or army?

24-05-2005, 22:45
the fire brigade,you help people as a fireman not clean up other peoples wars!

question to bumble how old are your kids

25-05-2005, 21:21
they are girl 6, girl 2 and a half, and boy 10 months

question to salty are you going to have kids?, what would you like

25-05-2005, 21:24
i already have,charly(5) and ben(3)-as far as i know that is all!

question to spiral would you like kids

25-05-2005, 21:27
no thanks. too much hassle plus i dun want to loose my nice figure by getting pregnant

question to dondons:how long have u been a member of this forum?

25-05-2005, 21:29
since december it's only been the last month i've been addicted i never used to come on here after i first signed up
Q to Bumblelady - do you see yourself with your partner in 10 years time?

25-05-2005, 21:34
erm not sure, hope so for the kids sake but not really happy,
Q to salty where do you see yourself and family in ten years?

25-05-2005, 21:44
i`m the same as you,stay with it for the kids but wake up every day with the weight of the world on my shoulders!sometimes think the kids would benefit more if they didn`t have to see there parents argue and unhappy!-but in 10 years i`d like to see my sons be happy and maybe working with me in a family bussiness a greasy spoon on the coast!

q to spiral do you really not want kids?even if it was with mr right?

25-05-2005, 21:45
nope, never! i dont want to go through 9 months of carrying one then the pain of pushing it out then having to take care of it! im not that carzy

Q to everyone. how can u stand having kids?

25-05-2005, 21:52
i love my kids to bit, never knew love like it, worth the pain even though you dont have to go through the pain there is drugs, i popped my last one out in my front room with no pain relief, hate hospitals, and after three kids im back to my normal weight just need a bit of a tone up,
Q to all, what do you love most about this world?

25-05-2005, 21:55
good question my family

25-05-2005, 21:57
same here

25-05-2005, 21:58
just waiting for saltys answer then he posts a question

25-05-2005, 22:00
i love realising just how lucky i am to be alive,healthy and well,im not a materialistic person,i love the simple things in life!

q to anyone who cares to answer-if you could have 1 wish for yourself,a completely selfless wish what woul it be?

25-05-2005, 22:02
to own a chocolate factory and a animal sanctary

25-05-2005, 22:03
i would wish to be with the only man i ever loved and to be happy

25-05-2005, 22:15
you will be at midday on july 9th!

25-05-2005, 22:17
ha ha ha

25-05-2005, 22:18
i wish i could grow old and be happy with someone whos loves me

25-05-2005, 22:22
me too don'tt think i will though

25-05-2005, 22:24
no me neither, stuck in a relationship that dont go no where, but just plod on,

25-05-2005, 22:24
its nothing to grand-id love to be able to break dance.if i could id do t in asda,fridays or where ever took my fancy!,but ultimatley id just like to own a greasy spoon on the coast with the lady I really love and have my boys work with me.

q to every one what did you do before you posted on this site?

25-05-2005, 22:24
Q to spiral who is you ideal person to be with

25-05-2005, 22:25
im a ebay-oholic

25-05-2005, 22:25
i'll answer saltys i used to sit in and watch telly and think about the man i loved whilst i was texting him

25-05-2005, 22:26
um...other than my perents? i think my friends

Q to bumble do u have a best best friend?

25-05-2005, 22:29
i used to have very close friends but when i had kids we lost touch i have friends now that i can trust and share my feelings but nothing special,

Q to all whats the best feeling in the world

25-05-2005, 22:30
True Love

25-05-2005, 22:40
having me baby girl now

26-05-2005, 19:20
a big warm hug.....or a good hot shower after a hard day of work :)

26-05-2005, 19:22
your turn spiral to ask a question

26-05-2005, 19:22
ok...ummm.....to salty (if he comes on) if u wernt a fireman what would u be?

26-05-2005, 19:43
i always fancied being a stripper,i`ve got the six pack,i`ve got the firemans outfit all i need is an audience!

question to the women-would you come and see me if i was a stripper?

26-05-2005, 19:44
nah, waste of money

26-05-2005, 19:53
wrong thread spiral!!! yes salty i'd pay a million quid to see that!

26-05-2005, 19:54
i can think of better things to spend my money on that a bunch of men taking their clothes off

26-05-2005, 19:59
yes but this is salty the hunky fireman!!!!

26-05-2005, 20:00

26-05-2005, 23:12
anyway back on the subject question to remember:
How did you meet your wife>?

27-05-2005, 10:26
my first job out of school was in a petrol station / convenience store. Rachel was my supervisor and it took a couple of years before she asked me out!

Question to spiral - what's the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you?

27-05-2005, 19:04
um...when i was 18/19, going into hmv to buy the Alien Saga box set and being told i wasnt old enough to buy it by the guy behind the counter! he didnt belive i was old enough n i had to get my dad in to help me lol

Q to everyone...whats your earliest memory?

27-05-2005, 21:01
when i was four i got stuck in a house fire,i got 40% of my body burned(i only went back in the house to get my teddy,i still have him to this day!)i spent six months covered from haed to toe in bandages in a burns unit at bristol hospital in,i remember my old man feeding me scrambled eggs whilst i was watching worzell gumidge,i cried when he had to leave and i have never cried so much since that day-it was then that i realised that i wanted to be a fireman and help people!

question to dondons whats your happiest memory?

28-05-2005, 06:26
my happiest memory is of a day i was out having a drink with a guy i was seeing and it came to the end of the night so we said goodnight, then he ran back over to my car and said miss w.......... I LOVE YOU, i laughed at him as i was so nervous but i was over the moon as firstly i never thought i'd ever be able to pull him and secondly he loved me!!? I did call him after and say sorry for laughing and i loved him too!!! (all my happiest memories come from this man this is just one of many)

I've got a hangover and can't think straight so spiral you can ask a question!

28-05-2005, 18:29
aww,thats really sweet,dondons :) Ok, lets see.....Q to Bumble, are you good at baking cakes and such?

29-05-2005, 11:51
bumble question to you are you there?

29-05-2005, 21:22
no im not i hate cooking sooo much i do alot of packet stuff dont like meat much either,

Q to salty, do you ever feel lonely

29-05-2005, 21:47
every time i open my eyes i feel all alone,when i realise what i was thinking of during the night was only a dream i feel like i`m the only person walking the face of the earth but with the weight of the world on my shoulders!

q to everyone do you think i`m a sausage?

29-05-2005, 21:50
not i think u like me, im always lonely im with kids all day that cant talk to me, then in the evening i watch tele all alone,

29-05-2005, 21:50
no i don't i know how you feel

29-05-2005, 21:54
awww, ya not a sausage, salty

29-05-2005, 21:54
you're turn to ask a q spiral

29-05-2005, 21:59
ok....Q to everyone....are weddings really necesary?

29-05-2005, 22:01
nope, i done it once now divorced, now with partner and not getting married, just a paper to me why spoil things. but some people dont feel complete without that commitment.

29-05-2005, 22:02
marriage is not necessary at all

29-05-2005, 22:03
no,its only a bit of paper!if you are really in love with someone you dont need a bit of paper to proove it-true love is eternal and will outlive any piece of paper!

29-05-2005, 22:05
alot of people have to do it now because of the legal rights like pensions and property but mostly if you have kids its easier

29-05-2005, 22:05
salty to post then

29-05-2005, 22:16
thats true bumble,i got married to a lady(and i use the term lady in its loosest term)that i dont love or never have just to make sure i have parental rights!-its whack isn`t?
q to bumble why is nothing straight forward?

30-05-2005, 21:55
because its life not a fairytale
Q to xmark, where do you think you will be in ten years from now

30-05-2005, 22:11
still here i hope with hopefully another kiddy
q to spiral did you pass all you exams at school

31-05-2005, 19:01
um, well i got a few B's n C's....and probably worse. No A's tho so i dont think i did.

Q to xmark, if you had a baby boy what would u call him?

01-06-2005, 22:24
reece as we both picked the names be4 we fount out it was a girl
q to all did you bob school

01-06-2005, 22:25
no not that much!

01-06-2005, 22:25
nah..i wassnt that kinda kid

01-06-2005, 22:33
Question to dean80's whats the best thing about coventry?

02-06-2005, 08:10
the A444 out of it....!!!!!! LOL

02-06-2005, 08:23
only kidding - the new arena is looking kinda smart, so i guess that will be the best thing.

Q to everyone... what IS the best thing since sliced bread?????

02-06-2005, 10:43
my fella was working on the arena, it is starting to look good! i'd have said makro was the best thing!

the best thing since sliced bread is kinder bueno bars yummy

02-06-2005, 10:56
wheres your question????

02-06-2005, 11:25
ok then question to xmark if you werent in the job you are what would you be doing?

03-06-2005, 23:05
working at home or on holiday for a long time
q to dondons was you ant good at games at school

03-06-2005, 23:36
i loved rounders and cricket but not netball or cross country!
question to childofthe80's how is the weather at the moment in your parts?

04-06-2005, 02:50
ehh..hot as H*** to be frank with you...even though my name is not frank. It got up in the high 90s today with BAD humidity..
Question to all of the ladies....who do you or would you have a crush on in the web site?

04-06-2005, 10:53
its salty for me!

04-06-2005, 18:06
has to be you childofthe80s

04-06-2005, 18:39
i dun have a crush on anyone here

04-06-2005, 20:42
alright bumblelady...thanks but I like guys.... :) lol....I don't have a crush...but the pics of xmark and remember are pretty handsome

04-06-2005, 20:44
check out pics of salty.... page 25 post #246 and page 26 post # 256 in answers only game

04-06-2005, 20:52
what about us women were nice looking also, why have the men had all the comments, huh?

04-06-2005, 20:54
yeah men come on Question to all the men who would you have a crush on?

04-06-2005, 20:57
i bet they all go quiet now

04-06-2005, 21:02
thanks d.don...we should start calling him sexy salty...lol took me FOREVER to find pics but it was worth the wait

04-06-2005, 21:04
do a profile in all about me so we can get to know more about you childofthe80s all we know is your name

04-06-2005, 21:21
where in the world is the "all about me section"...? Can you help me out?

04-06-2005, 21:53
yes its in the members lounge, either page one or page 2

04-06-2005, 22:01
i only have eyes for one lady-she is the person i could imagine spending the rest of my life with!

04-06-2005, 22:04
question to salty who is this lady??

04-06-2005, 22:10
she is the lady that i`d die for the lady who holds my heart!

question to child,what are you up to today?

04-06-2005, 22:50
ehh chilling with the cat..lol...I got an invite to go fishing but passed..so basically just chores. Even on my days off of work (I work) know what I mean?

05-06-2005, 18:25
post a question to a member childofthe80's:)

05-06-2005, 22:45
ill go q to child
are you going to post a question

06-06-2005, 01:23
sorry I took so long..yes I will post a question.. This question is to remember...where are you? Or better yet what ever happened to him?

07-06-2005, 16:19
remember has been on holiday read post busy busy busy in announcements and post another one childofthe80's

07-06-2005, 17:59
ok...this is a question for all members..muh ha ha..how long do you think "sexygirl" will be around on this forum?

07-06-2005, 18:40
not very long!!! she's been sending msgs to people i haven't had one though!!!

07-06-2005, 20:18
sorry I took so long..yes I will post a question.. This question is to remember...where are you? Or better yet what ever happened to him?

I'm still here but lurking in the background. I am now working two jobs, looking after my three year old daughter and pregnant wife and running a nostalgia website called DoYouRemember.co.uk (anyone heard of it?) so I don't get a lot of time for posting these days! :)

I'm also working on a major update of the main website which is taking up a lot of my time. You might not see me but I'm always here and if you want to send me a message you can PM me.

08-06-2005, 17:56
ok first one to read this gets to post the next question to member

08-06-2005, 18:51
that would be me....ok, um, question to salty If you could rescue anyone from a burning building, who would it be?

08-06-2005, 20:58
in a real world when we get called out to a fire i want to be able to save everyone!but sometimes things arent quite that simple!were meant to make a difference and help people who need us,when we cant it tears me up-ive shed more tears for people i that i couldnt help than i did when my mom died!

talking of jobs a question for dondons.did you and your fiancee get the contract to make the slag blowers?(dondons and the love of her life make jokes and party gear they were the first to produce the self infating whoope cusion!iif ever you need fake poo or pretend vomit they are your people what a great job bringing happines into peoples lives!)

08-06-2005, 21:01
yeah salty we got the contract!
where was i oh yeah question to bumblelady - have you lived in west sussex all your life?

08-06-2005, 21:03
yeah since age of 2
question to salty how long do you think you will live in your home for?

08-06-2005, 21:17
where ever i live and who ever its with it`ll be my home-so i suppose i`ll live in my home for ever,or as long as god blessess me time with!

question to spiral,where would you most like to live?

09-06-2005, 18:56
uumm, im happy where i am, on my little island, by the sea :) Sourounded by rolling hills and country side.

Q to everyone are you going away on holiday this year?

09-06-2005, 20:14
not too sure yet partner a workaholic!

09-06-2005, 21:18
will go somewhere for a long weekend we do a few of them in the year, dunno where yet just been to centre parks,

10-06-2005, 20:54
not been away for a couple of years, would like to go away tho, maybe to blackpool again

10-06-2005, 21:05
post a question spiral

10-06-2005, 21:06
i did the last one, it ssomeone elses turn

10-06-2005, 21:07
salty post a question to member

10-06-2005, 21:34
question to any one who cares to answer,is it right/should grown men be seen with umberalls?

10-06-2005, 21:35
i see nothing wrong with that

10-06-2005, 21:48
it's ok for older men not so much younger men!

10-06-2005, 22:42
you should all get wet

11-06-2005, 10:10
question to salty - Where have you gone you don't post msgs anymore

12-06-2005, 19:31
i`m always busy trying to save lives,and when i`m not and i`m not and i`m on here i upset people!

question to deano-do you ever do any work or do you just spend all day flirting with women?(i wish i had your job!!!!!!!)

13-06-2005, 08:34
i deal with alot of work - at the moment though im waiting on alot of clients approval for jobs... so while i wait.... i play. And this is the best job ever with all these beautiful women to flirt with

Question to dondons: What would you do if this site never existed?

13-06-2005, 09:23
well before i discovered this site i use to spend all my time either downloading music or playing games on zone.com
question to bumblelady - have you got an all time fave song?

13-06-2005, 12:56
yes peter cetera glory of love

q to dean80 where did u get married?

13-06-2005, 13:03
in St francis church in coventry. massive wedding ppl had to stand outside the church. i didnt realise i was so popular.... 400 guests in total. Dont ask me how many came to the evening reception!!

Question to bumble: do you eat burnt toast?

13-06-2005, 13:07
no have u got any?

q to dean80s would you stray for a thousand pounds?

13-06-2005, 13:12
money cant buy you love.... but it can pay for a night in a hotel LOL.

q to bumble: have you got 1000??? lol

13-06-2005, 13:16
q to dean80 what would you do for a thousand pounds?

13-06-2005, 13:22
i would eat something unusual.
q to bumble: if you had a time machine - which time would you travel to and why?

13-06-2005, 13:26
i would go back and change lots of bad things in my life but not to much that it would muck it up now,

q to dean80 what would u change in your life now?

13-06-2005, 13:36
right now? nothing i can think of. But the time i WOULD change would be the time when my grandad came round to ask if i would like to go to a cattle market. i said no, so he went and about 10 minutes later he collapsed and died. i would change my answer to YES. who knows, things may have been different.

q to bumble have you ever done anything illegal?

13-06-2005, 13:39
yes lots, im good now though
q to dean80 have u ever been bullied

13-06-2005, 13:46
no not really. ive had the P taken out of me while at school but never bullied.
tpbm whats the most nastiest thing youve done ever?

13-06-2005, 13:57
knocked someone down (by accident)
tpbm what hurts u the most

13-06-2005, 14:01
the thought of losing one of my children. it even hurts to type it.

Also what else hurts me is when ive clipped my nail too much and it throbs like hell... oh and being kicked in the nether regions!

tpbm do you cry at the soaps.

13-06-2005, 14:03
no think there sad,
tpbm do u ever compare u children to others

13-06-2005, 14:07
i used to, but mine are unique and not like any others.
tpbm did you get good exam results at school?

13-06-2005, 14:07
hey i'm back and this is question to member game! q to bumble what have you done today?

13-06-2005, 14:08
went to a toddler group exciting then home playing with my phone, and posting to dean80 cause no one else on.
q to dondons, have u recovered now

13-06-2005, 14:10
yes i have thankfully!
q to dean80's what you having or had for lunch?

13-06-2005, 14:14
just crisp sarnies for lunch... need to go shopping!

q to dons what you had?

13-06-2005, 14:22
nothing yet, i might have a crisp sarnie too!
q to dean80's do you like tuna?

13-06-2005, 14:26
yes i love fish.....
q to dons Did you watch sam last night get "out of her box" lol

13-06-2005, 14:32
no i don't really watch big brother!
q to dean80's will you be here when i've had my lunch?

13-06-2005, 14:33
yes as always....
q to dons do you like my new signature?

13-06-2005, 14:35
yes but why did you change it again?
q to dean80's can i use the early morning wedding one as mine!?

13-06-2005, 14:41
i felt like a change and yes if you want. and you asked 2 questions there!!!

q to dons when was the last time you looked at yourself and thought "im so good"

13-06-2005, 14:48
i do it quite often in jest i say to my partner look at me i'm fantastic you're so lucky!!!
q to dean80's what would you say to that if you were my partner?

13-06-2005, 14:52
i would agree and tell you that you look fantastic every day
q to dons when was the last time you were told by your partner that you looked fantastic?

13-06-2005, 14:54
when i first met him and he wanted to be with me LOL
q to dean80's would you ever throw your car keys in a bowl?? LOL

13-06-2005, 14:56
q to dons would you ever pick them out???

13-06-2005, 15:01
sure i would!
q to dean80's if you were not married with a family what would you be doing with yourself?

13-06-2005, 15:06
seducing beautiful women (or trying!!!)
or probably travelling the world which is what i really want to do
q to dons whats your best feature?

13-06-2005, 15:09
my big eyes!
q to dean80's what is your best feature?

13-06-2005, 15:18
i smile all the time so i guess its that.
q to dons when was the last time you had a giggling fit?

13-06-2005, 15:20
i had one on saturday night when i was drunk!
q to dean80's how did you meet your wife?

13-06-2005, 15:26
in my local pub. We used to see each other up their and i was more interested in her friend believe it or not, but i was talking to her about how i like her friend and we ended up kissing. the rest is as they say - another story.
q to dons. do you go out alot without your partner?

13-06-2005, 15:29
no i don't he tends to go out every night from work up to his local pub to chat work with the lads (so they say) if we go out it's usually just for a bite to eat
q to dean if we had a doyouremember party would you come?

13-06-2005, 15:33
q to dons would you want me to?

13-06-2005, 15:34
yes of course
Qto dean would you get drunk and snog bumble?

13-06-2005, 15:40
i may be driving. but id probaby give her a kiss
Q to dons would you want one?

13-06-2005, 15:45
if bumble gets one i want 2 LOL
Q to dean when are you going to come on here at night?

13-06-2005, 15:51
i dont know yet!!! ive got so much to save up for so my own comp is near the bottom of list!!!
Q to dons have you been truly faithful throughout your current relationship

13-06-2005, 15:55
erm depends what you'd call unfaithful you and i may have different ideas!
Q to dean have you?

13-06-2005, 15:58
before marriage - just kisses
After marriage... not yet. lol

q to dons how many times?

13-06-2005, 16:04
14 months! but only once
Q to dean does marriage change things?

13-06-2005, 16:14
q to dons: you having doubts?

13-06-2005, 16:18
very frightened!
Q to dean will you be on tomorrow?

13-06-2005, 16:22
of course i will.
Q to dons will you?

13-06-2005, 16:23
yep i sure will
Q to spiral how was your first day back at work?

13-06-2005, 18:52
it wasnt too bad actualy :)

Q to Deans....will i ever get to chat to you?

14-06-2005, 08:32
one day your dreams will come true!! :P
q to dons isnt being an aquarius great???

14-06-2005, 08:40
it sure is
Q to dean are we going to have a joint party for our birthday?

14-06-2005, 08:44
yes lets. we can swing our pants to the 80s and 90s Dance tunes and get all the pernod from the offy and drink it till we both fall over in a drunken stupor...and when we wake we will have the old pernod crystals formed around our mouths. oh such fun!!! LOL
Q to Dons Fave Dance/Rave tune of all time?

14-06-2005, 08:48
sneaker pimps spin spin sugar
Q to dean same question ( i will wake up and ask you different q's)

14-06-2005, 08:53
move your body - Xpansions

q to dons - if you still tired why dont you go back to bed?

14-06-2005, 09:01
i'll be ok i'll have sleep this arvo i got up at 6 am and had a cuppa with my fella then went back to bed
Q to dean don't you just wish you could go back to bed?

14-06-2005, 09:04
all the time - i love my bed. Isnt it funny how when you were younger, you'd do anthing to stop up late. But now your older you go to bed as early as poss. Or is that just me as all you guys seem to be on here until early hours!!!.

Q to dons. what colour is your bedroom?

14-06-2005, 09:16
it's a new house so all the walls are magnolia but in the bedroom we have terracotta border, we have just started to decorate throughout though
Q to dean what is your fav karaoke song?

14-06-2005, 09:19
I have 3 that i can sing to
"great balls of fire" Jerry lee lewis - Elton John "Your song" and Lionel Ritchie "Hello"
AND yes i used to go karaoke alot....

Q to dons have you sang karaoke and what song?

14-06-2005, 09:38
yes once when i was about 19 me and my friend sang never ever by all saints!
Q to dean what di you want to be "when you grew up"?

14-06-2005, 09:44
an actor or an astronaut
Q to dons: what was your fav subject at school.. im guessing ART???

14-06-2005, 09:51
No i didn't enjoy art, my fav subject was drama i got an A in my GCSE!!!
Q to Dean were you popular at school?

14-06-2005, 10:15
i had my small group of friends. and the girls all thought i was "CUTE" i used to reply
"puppies are cute.... then they grow into dogs." LOL

q to dons. were you a teachers pet?

14-06-2005, 10:17
no not at all! my technology teacher mrs eversham quite liked me bless her!
Q to dean were you lost when the site just went down?

14-06-2005, 10:20
yes, my life seemed empty... and i had to do some work !!!!
Q to dons - whats the worst gift youve ever been given?

14-06-2005, 10:23
erm nothing really people know what i like and don't like so i get quite good ones
Q to dean - how would you cheer someone up if they were really down?

14-06-2005, 10:32
i would tell them a few cheesy jokes and say that hes not worth beeing down about!

Q to dons wanna hear some cheesy jokes???

14-06-2005, 10:34
LOL how do you know i mean me!! no it's the opposite i've upset someone! i'll hear some cheesy jokes anyway!
Q to dean will you tell me some cheesy jokes?

14-06-2005, 10:39
what do you get hanging from trees???

q to dons do you want to know the answer

14-06-2005, 10:50
sore arms?
Q to dean am i right?

14-06-2005, 10:55

Q to bumble whats brown and sticky?

14-06-2005, 12:09
a stick
Q dean80 am i right

14-06-2005, 12:19
hey how come everyone knows cheesy joke answers!!!
Q to all what do you call a fly without wings?

14-06-2005, 12:20
a walk
bet i knew that one also

14-06-2005, 12:33
ok thats it...

q to bumble have you ever been skydiving?

14-06-2005, 13:16
no ut would love to, i love heights
q to dondons where u going on ur honeymoon

14-06-2005, 13:38
we're going to egypt it should be really hot
Q to bumble how long you gonna be online for?

14-06-2005, 13:45
dunno im on and off doing other things also, my girl just fallen asleep in the middle of the floor so cant hover now,
Q to dondons why u asking

14-06-2005, 13:48
just wondering it's always good to chat to you bumble!
Q to bumble it's a good excuse to not hoover and play on here though isn't it?

14-06-2005, 13:51
yeah been trying all morning but kids demanding my attention, and when not having it detroying my house,
Q to dondons why egypt?

14-06-2005, 13:54
it's a nice 5 star hotel it will be hot not going sight seeing just want a nice hotel to relax by the pool i'll tell you a story later about the holiday i'm so oooo angry!!!
Q to bumble - wouldn't you fancy egypt?

14-06-2005, 13:56
no way soooo hot over there, i cant stand the english summers i would melt over there, and dont like there culture not friendly like spain and stuff
dont want to put u off,
Q to dean80 would u re-new ur viows?, (sp?)

14-06-2005, 14:06
only for the party after!!!
Q to dons what is your favourite item of clothing?

14-06-2005, 14:08
a pair of cream 3 quarter length trousers they make me feel good dunno why!
Q to bumble what would you do if your man got down on one knee?

14-06-2005, 14:14
feel really bad and say sorry no,
q to dondons do u think people should marry if they have kids

14-06-2005, 14:15
no i think people should do whatever they're comfortable with like you said some people do it for the kids it's each to their own.
Q to bumble would you stray?

14-06-2005, 14:18
no dont think i would, im not happy but i stay for the kids, its not worth the risk
q to dondons have u been cheated on?

14-06-2005, 14:20
yes i have he never admitted it but the woman did
Q to dean80's have you had any lunch yet?

14-06-2005, 14:24
no lunch yet no.... too busy. lol

q to bumble how fast are you at typing?

14-06-2005, 14:26
not very, i look at the keyboard often,
q to dondons what u think of perms?,

14-06-2005, 14:29
i would quite like a loose one i think
Q to bumble would you have a perm?

14-06-2005, 14:43
i am thinking about it, my hair looks terrible at the mo with half highlights in it, so will cut off 6 inches and get a demi wave, just takes a bit of looking after dont know if i can be bovered.
Q dondons does ur highlights reck ur hair,

14-06-2005, 14:48
yes but i treat it quite often
Q to bumble i don't know what to ask so you have another go!

15-06-2005, 11:50
pass it on to dean80 if he awake

15-06-2005, 12:07
err.. ok
q to bumble what plans you got for today?

15-06-2005, 12:08
nothing its raining going to get wet,
to dean80 whats ur plans for tonight

15-06-2005, 12:19
wife goes out tonight so im looking after kids. So if anyone wants to come round and keep me company - feel free!!!!
q to bumble. do you play bingo?

15-06-2005, 12:21
have done in past but not my thing, havent the patience
q dean80 shall i bring a pizza

15-06-2005, 12:30
lol... yes please can i have stuffed crust!
q to bumble have you ever won anything?

15-06-2005, 12:37
erm not that i can think just raffle stuff
q to dondons did u miss us today

15-06-2005, 19:05
yes i did
Question to spiral what's your best feature?

15-06-2005, 19:22
i'd say my hair

Same Q to everyone

15-06-2005, 19:29
my blue eyes

16-06-2005, 07:52
my best feature is my smile i think