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26-03-2009, 02:40
Looking for the title of the movie (I hope it wasn't a series) from around the 80s. Dunno the genre. All I remember is a scene where a truck is driving on a remote road (maybe somewhere in the desert) and then two (I think) supercars exit the truck (one was perhaps red and one was almost surely yellow) and they go chase somebody or something. Any clues ?

I guess one of the cars was similar to this:

27-03-2009, 16:19
Hardcastle & Mc Ormic?

I know this was a series but am pretty sure it was also out as a TV movie

13-05-2009, 17:50
AutoCult Gallery - Nova Sterling from the 1981 Movie Condorman (http://www.autocult.com.au/Image.aspx?id=20361)

Could it be this one? Condorman with Michael Crawford - there's a scene where they're in an old truck, and then the yellow beast pictured on the above site emerges and is chased by several Porsche 911s.


Here's the truck itself.

24-05-2009, 21:31
ooooh I loved Condorman!:D

Sounds like something out of Knight Rider.
Cannonball Run maybe? theres lots of fast cars in that.

24-05-2009, 21:40
I remember when cCondorman came out, when it was being promoted tha car was outside our local cinema. Pretty sure it was the summer of 1981.