View Full Version : Merry Christmas from DYR!

21-12-2009, 11:53
DYR would like to wish everyone a very happy Christmas and New Year!

Whether you'll be tucking into turkey and and trimmings with the family, or maybe jetting off to warmer climes, take a moment to hark back to memories of Christmases past... From finding your first-ever BMX (http://www.doyouremember.co.uk/memory/bmx-bikes) under the tree, or learning that your sister's A La Carte Kitchen (http://www.doyouremember.co.uk/memory/a-la-carte-kitchen) isn't just for girls. Maybe, instead, it's the thought of stomaching that entire chocolate selection box (http://www.doyouremember.co.uk/memory/christmas-selection-box) or sitting down to watch yet another Morecambe And Wise (http://www.doyouremember.co.uk/memory/the-morecambe-and-wise-show) special that makes the festive season special for you.

Have a very Happy and nostalgic Christmas!

24-12-2009, 01:58
Copied into members lounge :) Please add your Christmas wishes from there