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22-09-2010, 23:21
When you were a kid and would go to the Seaside do you remember in some places there was Rifles you put 10p into and u could shoot Cowboys with them and if you shot the toilet door it opened and a old man would be sitting on the toilet and you could shoot a bell and it rung etc?
I think the rifle wortked very similar to tin can alley, anyway does anyone know what these were called? and some of the seaside resorts they could be found at?

22-09-2010, 23:25
Funny you should mention this, we were talking about it a few weeks back. A few of us fondly remember playing it :)


22-09-2010, 23:37
Thats spot on thanks :) thats what i like about this place you can ask any obscure questions like that and people actually know what your on about.

22-09-2010, 23:38
Yes I remember these! The old man in the outside lav, when you shot the target on the door he shouted "Hey! Can't you see i'm busy!!"

The one I recall was at Hemsby Gap in Norfolk 1983.

Did they work like the TV remote control? I loved this Hillbilly game and we laughed no end at it!

22-09-2010, 23:43
Think it might of been infrared sensor FS :)

25-09-2010, 01:41
The first time I saw this was at Blackpool Pleasure Beach in 1978. I played it a lot, it was great fun.

25-09-2010, 12:24
I remember one at Wells Next The Sea until the early 1980s, & last saw one at Poldark in 1992.

Another target was something spraying water when hit.

30-04-2011, 19:05
There was one of these doing the rounds back in the early 90's I think. I seem to remember been stood near one as a kid and someone shot a skunk, and it sprayed water. At me. The bloody swine! It hit me right in the face too. :(

09-05-2011, 15:37
they have the water pistol version of this at butlins bognor last year when i was there several of the guns had come unchained from the counter and as there was no attendant at the game you could have a water fight or aim at passers by instead of shooting the targets you were supposed to aim at .people ,either willing participants or not walked past and got absolutely soaked