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21-01-2011, 14:57
Just found this site showing copies of a magazine I used to get in the early 80's.
I used to look through and wish I was as good on my Raleigh Burner.
Anybody else ever read this?

21-01-2011, 21:21
Oh yes Paulos, I used to get this from about 82 until 84, dreaming of owning the bikes and taking part in the races. I ended up with a cheapo bmx that actually had decent lightweight wheels but was a make nobody had ever heard of.

06-04-2011, 21:00
Thanks for the great post Paulos! Some amazing memories here - just seen the Kuwahara which I'd totally forgot about :eek:


08-04-2011, 06:38
I also used to read "BMX Action Bike (http://www.23mag.com/mags/bab/bab85.htm)" which later became R.A.D (Read And Destroy).

11-11-2014, 13:46
Yeah, BMX Action Bike was my fave mag of those times too... read it from issue 1 all the way through to when they had that first skateboard pullout - at that time, I'd got rather bored of BMX and it had stagnated quite a bit, and switched to skating, which was new and exciting and had a different aesthetic to the pastel perfect white freestyle BMX thing - it was more edgy, grungy, grey and a bit more dangerous... I skated for many years after that switch...

I wish they had more of those issues scanned - I think my parents chucked mine out decades ago...

jason h
11-11-2014, 20:25
Can't remember which BMX mag I read at the time but it was about 1984/85 and I used to look through the ads which offered the invidivual bicycle parts and assemble my perfect dream bike. I never had a BMX bike though and had to settle for a Grifter untill I got a drop-handle bar bike for my 14th birthday.

20-01-2015, 04:17
Here's a pic of mt bro giving me a backie round the garden on some stunt pegs on my Raleigh Burner GS from back in the day. :)


12-02-2015, 18:14
I used to be an avid reader of the BMX magazines as well. I had a Raleigh Ultra Burner similar to the one shown in Mulletino's picture except the colour was different (blue and yellow)