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  • Paul Raymond

    Before the advent of the internet you could buy 'adult' magazines from the top shelf of every newsagent & corner shop. Paul Raymond was one of the better known publishers pf these magazines

    Back then you could ask your wife to do a nude photo shoot in one of the studio's of the many magazines. They paid you 75 for the time and tea, coffee, buffet & free bar in the 'Green' room/hospitality suite

    If your gf was really attractive and up for anything she could become a regular paid model for said magazines. Another feature was 'Reader's Wives' which I found much better than professional models Just normal women not you stereotypical model thin as a rake.

    Unlike now on the internet these magazines were censored. They put a star over the entry so to speak. Without intercourse full frontal. I bet it was that nosey nothing better to do Mary Whitehouse who insisted this form of censoring

    Also the Sun page three model she removed even though it was only breasts and not below waist

    I've tried to keep this as factual text with no naughtiness description only the fact element

    If you wish to delete this post admin/mod then feel free to do so