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UK Magazine/Newspaper Mystery Picture

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  • UK Magazine/Newspaper Mystery Picture

    I remember reading the Weekend Mag/Papers as a teen and remember this picture which I cannot find, I don't know what the ad's context (if it was a Ad) was about, but the image has left me wanting to find it if nothing more to show my mind otherwise.
    Picture it
    The illustration was realistic comic like, a couple are in bed, middle age maybe?, him in pyjamas wearing glasses, she might have been reading a book, he had his arm resting his head.
    However in their shared dream cloud, they are in a fantasy (or thinking of a happier time), she is kneeling on the bed wearing a corset, with fishnets and heels, he is wearing a black crop top like t shirt covering his chest, his six pack is on display and leather? trousers with two zips on his crotch.
    I remember the woman had blonde hair and red lips.
    The man had balding hair which was black on the sides.
    I can't remember what paper or mag it came from, but it was a typical tabloid paper.
    I know it's out of the normal for what you look but understand, it's still an remainder of a past when Page 3 or The Rocky Horror Picture Show's bedroom scenes passed over my head.

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    Re: UK Magazine/Newspaper Mystery Picture

    Sorry Mayday, been racking my brains on this one, at first i thought Hamlet cigars but i can't find anything to support that theory....good luck!
    Ejector seat?...your jokin!


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      Re: UK Magazine/Newspaper Mystery Picture

      Thanks tex I don’t think it was cigarettes but it was reprinted for a while


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        Re: UK Magazine/Newspaper Mystery Picture

        Knowing the period this advert was print it was the same time there was a lot more adult based adverts in papers also I managed to sketch a rough drawing of it that's how strong the advert engraved on my mind.