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  • Customised story books

    I remember in the 1980s at least two friends had the same book which had been printed with their names in, which seemed really impressive before desk top publishing was something even the professionals took for granted.

    From what I remember the main character wore a wig & sunglasses in the pictures.
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    I think I know what you mean - I gave my nephew a personalised storybook for his third or fourth birthday which had his name and his birthday written throughout. And in the mid 1980s I received a Christmas themed book with family names printed inside it from a company that did those sort of books. I assume you are referring to sort of thing, Richard?

    On a tangent, these days I often go on eBay to companies that do personalised birthday cards - name, age and date of birth. Two people have birthdays coming up in October, and I happened to order identical birthday cards for them this afternoon - the only difference is their names on the front of them! It's a lot nicer than going to clinton's or Card Factory and getting one from there, and during the lockdown I turned to eBay anyway so that I didn't have to go out!
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      I can't remember a birthday being mentioned in the book, but one page mentioned a pet's name.

      My brother often sends Moonpig cards, as he works from home & can't get to the shops.
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