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    Does anyone remember the Stanley Bagshaw books which were around in the 1980s? Written by Bob Wilson (who I assume was not the sports presenter of the same name); the books had cartoon drawings inside, resembling the TV series spin-off; and the stories were written in limericks, which sounded like this:

    A pork-pie, a loaf, and some Red Leicester cheese
    Were things that our Stan had to get
    He made up a rhyme
    Which he said all the time
    To make sure he didn't forget.

    Wilson did a few books on Bagshaw; one was about football (a copy was in my classroom's Book Corner, as well as the local library); and another (in which the rhyme above came from) was from the Mafeking Square Cheese Robbery. There was also a Children's ITV version of the books in the late 1980s or early 1990s where the theme tune sounded like Yorkshire-to-North East parody of the 1970s Hovis advert music but sounding a bit more modern via a keyboard. All the action took place in the northern town of Huddersgate - I assume was a portmanteau of Huddersfield and Harrogate. Bagshaw was a young lad who reminded me of Andy Capp in style and identity.

    Bob Wilson was interviewed on Radio 5 not long after it launched to talk about the book as well as to play out the Cheese Robbery book, so I believe that the TV series was around the same time - they played the theme tune then as well.

    The rhymes in the books reminded me a lot of Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes book, and also the Oompa Lumpa's chants in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

    Amazing how northern stereotypes (i.e. Sheffield or further north) make great books for kids.
    I've everything I need to keep me satisfied
    There's nothing you can do to make me change my mind
    I'm having so much fun
    My lucky number's one
    Ah! Oh! Ah! Oh!