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    Re: Ladybird Books

    I had quite a few Ladybird books when I was younger - I got a lot of them from school jumble sales and the like.

    I remember having some of the Read it Yourself range, and the Telling the Time book, telling us what people do between 8.00 am and 8.00 pm, but overlooking 9.00 pm to 7.00 am for some reason. There was the Talkabout series, and I had the Shopping and Starting School books.

    The Garden Gang stories that nine year old Jayne Fsher wrote and coloured in - wonder what happened to her? Cue a lot of felt-tipped illustrations of cartoon fruit and vegetable caricatures, probably trying to make readers feel as they are committing cannibalism if they eat fruit or veg. One of the characters was called Casper Carrot which sounds to me as being too similar to Jasper Carrott!
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      Re: Ladybird books,

      I remember them from my school days, they were beautifully illustrated. Many years later, I bought a large collecton of them from a jumble sale, I still have them.
      I have copies of the original Peter and Jane books and some that were reprinted years later. A sign of the times, was that certain items in a toy shop window, were erased in the reprinted editions. If it is allowed, I will post examples of them.


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        I remember the Peter and Jane books, and being made to read them to my Mum.

        Peter did exciting things with Dad, and Jane stayed home to bake with Mum,,,, Times have changed for the better!