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1970'S science fiction book - title needed

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  • 1970'S science fiction book - title needed

    Can't remember the title/author or how the story finished - I was a schoolboy when I read it.

    Therer was a galaxy wide war going on and this sleepy little out-of-the-way planet is used by Earth HQ as a prisoner of war camp, the enemy have 'brachs' instead of arms or legs and have a varied size depending on their role (like dogs can be a poodle or Great Dane but are still dogs) , they number several thousand but controlled by a few hundred Terrans

    For some reason the planet is then forgotten and story jumps forward a few thousand years

    Now we have various Barons with castles and teams of swordsmen but the main weapons as used by all in the tribal wars are selectively bred aliens, some are used as 'riders' ,some as 'smashers' (Blue Horrors?) and lots just as spear carriers.
    In the midst of all this a spacefleet lands and its the enemy aliens , they use specially bred humans (who are all built like Arnie) for their fighting and big battles break out all over the prison world.

    Ring any bells with anyone please ?

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    Re: 1970'S science fiction book - title needed

    There's been a lot of people viewing this but no further info / guidance so it was maybe a bit obscure

    I bought it at John Menzie's in Euston station to read on the long journery north- I just assumed if it was in a werll known bookstore then a good few would know it


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      Re: 1970'S science fiction book - title needed

      Robert Heinlein's Starship Troopers??
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        Re: 1970'S science fiction book - title needed

        I'm not pretending I know the answer to this one, but I have just googled Brachs and Terrans and come up with a SF author called Andre Norton, who by all accounts seems to have been a prolific SF writer.
        There seems to be a series of books dealing with this but does "Star Guard", "Star Rangers - The last planet" or "Star Soldiers" mean anything to you?

        Google her yourself and see the amount of books she wrote.
        PS these are 1950's books not 1970's so I may not be on the right track.
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          Re: 1970'S science fiction book - title needed

          Whole book can be read here..


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            Coming back to this one, it was The Dragon Masters by Jack Vance (I found it and read it again during the lockdown)