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  • mouse and hedgehog

    Hi all, this is my first post!!

    i am looking for some info about a book i was read as a child, which (as the title suggests) is a story about a mouse and a hedgehog. i believe the hedgehog tries a new job each day, saying "today i am going to be a ...." and the mouse replies "me too!"
    the end of the book results in the hedhehog saying something along the lines of being a mousetrap, or something mean, and the mouse replies "you wouldn't, would you hedgehog?"

    can anyone please tell me what this book was and where i can find it. my gran is no longer aroun to tell me and my parents don't remember

    thanks for your help

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    Re: mouse and hedgehog

    Who Shall We Be today? by Gilly Meredith. First published 1977 by J. Salmon Ltd


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      Re: mouse and hedgehog

      lovely book, with a beautifully simple universal humanity