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Looking to recreate the early 90s Hip Hop fashion (Male)

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  • Looking to recreate the early 90s Hip Hop fashion (Male)

    I'm a huge fan of early 90s hip hop fashion, especially the fashion of the hip hop heads who lived in the Bronx and Brooklyn. I'm white, so I'm trying to not look Vanilla Ice. I'm pretty sure I've got most of it narrowed down but I'd still like some advice on how to make it look more authentic.

    Here's my idea of the look:
    • Loose fitting Jeans (with Extra length on the leg)
    • Graphic Tee/Sports Jersey (Two sizes too big)
    • Crew neck sweatshirt (Two sizes too big)
    • White Low-top Air Force Ones/Air Max 90s
    • A bit of bling (But not too much)
    • Beanie/Snapback
    • A Nice but not too flashy watch?

    Even if I'm completely wrong about the look, any sort of advice or recommendations would be appreciated.
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    What I remember of the scene would mostly be from the '80s and from afar, but I had an interest and connections in the greater NYC area. Basically it was people, many from the Caribbean, starting in The Bronx, who didn't have a load of money. They used vinyl LP records on turntables like a musical instrument and toasted/rapped to them between the break beats that break dancing was done to (on flattened out cardboard for a stage). What it was by the '90s was still involved with sports brands like Adidas and Nike, showing the labels/logos, but generally much more money was spent on the 'in' look. There was a graffiti pop-art aesthetic too which was very vibrant. I remember Salt N' Pepa and early TLC for ladies fashion, and De La Soul and Public Enemy for popular gear actually being worn too, but sometimes stuff was theatrical for the stage. I don't imagine there really were a lot of blokes walking around in Brooklyn looking like Vanilla Ice or even MC Hammer. They really lost me with those balloon or parachute pants! The U.S. sports team shirts and jerseys would be affiliated with certain areas, almost gangs, some with certain colours were gang related.
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