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Office Debate.....Walls Feast flavours in the 90s

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  • Office Debate.....Walls Feast flavours in the 90s

    So Iím appealing to anyone who remembers any other flavours of the popular ĎFeastí Ice cream made by Walls, circa 1990, specifically a coconut flavour.


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    Re: Office Debate.....Walls Feast flavours in the 90s

    I remember the mint ones, which were very nice.
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      Re: Office Debate.....Walls Feast flavours in the 90s

      Feast is still being made - the freezer section of my Sainsbury's local had some last year during the heatwave.

      I think they made an orange flavour, but I am not sure about coconut.
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        I'm struggling with my sanity here too Billy2Sheds... I was just mentioning how much I like the coconut feasts which came in orange wrappers yet I can't even find an image or another mention on Google.

        I deffo used to hammer 3 in a row cos they were so refreshing

        Why have they been deleted from history ?

        Please help bring em back!


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          I use to love a feast. I only remember the Chocolate and the mint though. Feel like I've really missed out on the coconut one!!


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            Well Heather!

            Turns out that an ice cream man turned up to set today and he has been doing ice cream for 50 years ! He can't remember the coconut one either.

            So I also contacted the archive unit at Unilever who are in charge if walls.... yet to get a reply !
            Seems its only me and Billy2Sheds who crossed into the coconut feast dimension. Shame...its was a beautiful place !


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              Finally some cocoNUTTERS that remember the cool taste of the one and only FEAST COCONUT


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                Hello lolly lovers I think I’ve tracked down some coco feasts. FEAST PARTY ANYONE ?