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  • Fruit Machines

    Strange how fruit machines don't actually dispense fruit lol

    They are fixed odds gaming machines found in amusement arcades, pubs and hot food takeaways

    The ones in public places are set at 70% fixed odds so that only 30% of money is paid out in winnings usually maximum 25 for jackpot

    In turf accountants the fruit machines there pay out in winnings anything up to 100 which gambling charities say is too high and a magnet for gambling addicts
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    Re: Fruit Machines

    I always thought they were called fruit machines because the symbols on the mechanical wheels were fruits, though we called them penny bandits or one-armed bandits, and when I played them at the seaside on holiday they really were penny bandits as they took pennies--one new penny per pull of the handle.


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      Re: Fruit Machines

      I do love Fruit Machines and used to play them every lunchtime in the UK. There was one where a specific combo on the reel meant you could gamble up to the jackpot without losing, although that was only 25quid.
      It seems that the fruity in kebab shops is always rigged to not pay out very much, or that could be due to the fact you only ever play it drunk.

      We don't have them here in Australia, we have "Poker Machines" aka "Pokies" which don't actually play Poker, they just drop pictures in the reels and you have to line them up in various directions to win, not as fun as Fruit machines i reckon.

      Now Quiz Machines in pubs, I miss those.