Michael Portillo went to the US to do documentary about the most humane form of Capital Punishment

The solution he found to be apoxia

But there is one problem

If your relative (sister/girl friend etc) had been brutally raped & murdered you'd naturally want the bar steward hanged slowly or some other form of painful death

Victim's relatives were up in arms about Michael's proposed solution; quite rightly so

Bringing this home my partner was seriously abused be her now ex

So I want to get the See You Next Tuesday

My plan was to set him up covertly sending her in wired up. I would be parked round the corner scanning the wire frequency recording onto hard drive an DVD
I would tell him this footage goes to court if he ever contacts her again. Actually covert footage is not admissible in court; but he doesn't know that

One problem

In the time it would take to record enough damnable footage against him & to record such footage would take too long thus putting her in unacceptable danger

So revised plan:

I sent her in. She gave me the door key as she went in. She was under strict instruction the moment he touches her she pushes the panic button in her pocket sending a tone on the frequency I'm scanning

She did so.

In I go surprising him

I immediately told her to wait in the car.

It's a wonder I was not arrested for Section 18 assault as I warned him more was to come should he ever contact her again

Still, he is hardly going to go to the police

Problem solved