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    I was sorry to hear about the death of Julia Grant at the age of 64 - I thought that she was an amazing woman, who had changed her life around after being born a man called George Roberts.

    Not quite a celebrity (hence the fact that I have not put it in the "gone but not forgotten" part of this forum), but more a person with a claim to fame as she was the first male to female transgender person to be given her own documentary in 1979 called "A Change of Sex", which I saw on its repeat in the mid 1990s. It was groundbreaking in a number of ways.

    I feel that I have nothing but courage for her and the steps she took in transforming her life to the way that she wanted it - I hate any form of homophobia and transphobia because as far as I am concerned, it is worse than racism in many ways because not too many people understand it, and that was certainly the case back in 1979. Even now so many people have to put up with bullying and harassment for being different - the fact that changes in the law such as same sex marriage as well as civil partnerships hopes to make society a lot more equal in the long run, although we have still got a long way to go yet - for some, it could have been a few decades too late. Equal rights doesn't always mean the same treatment for everyone.

    Just because one is born a certain gender, it doesn't mean that we cannot change what we want about ourselves.

    She was so inspiring and I would love it if the BBC would show the documentary series again.
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