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    Does anyone have any tales of celebs when out of the limelight?
    living or dead
    good or bad.

    I had an uncle who worked building sets and props for the BBC in the 80s and told me a few tales of who he worked with

    kenny Everett was a diva, I was told he walked on set, said everything was in the wrong place told them to move this here and that there and basically swap everything about. Half an hour later he reappeared to say he didn’t like it and to move it all back to where it originally came from.

    ronnie Corbett. You always knew when he was in the room as he was so loud

    Jimmy Saville. Uncle said with raised eyebrows and made a face “he likes young girls, everyone knows about it”

    Paul Daniels a true gent and would stop and chat to anyone

    anyone with any more tales