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RIP Gerard Houllier: Former Liverpool & Aston Villa and France manager

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  • RIP Gerard Houllier: Former Liverpool & Aston Villa and France manager

    Gerald who co-managed Liverpool with Roy Evans has sadly passed away aged 73 years old Though Roy Evans (was not the Roy Evans not the EastEnders Car lot owner, but I do recall the 2 Roy's being compared like Robbie Folwer and Robbie Jackson where through looks)

    Gerald Houllier also later returned for a not as good time aston Villa, but I think my abiding memories of Gerald is how great a season Liverpool had in 2001 after Roy left Gerald to be soul charge winning a Unique Trebble of FA Cup, Leauge Cup and the old UEFA Cup. In additiion Gerald also managed France earlier in his career

    Through-out Gerald's later Time I always found Liverpool a great Team .... being very unlucky not to win the Premier, but always being tha one step short (though they had amazing talents like Jamie Redknapp, Dominic Matteo??, Robbie Fowler leaving them just 2 or 3 players short of wnning it - but Liverpool too where also prone to "silly daft lapses" like loosing to Bradford City on the Final Day of the 1999-2000 when a Liverpool win would have saved Wimbledon not Bradford with Bradford being nailed on certs all Season to go down I recall (but always recovering to win again after a bad loss! I would have loved both Bradford and Wimbledon to stay up ... but it was'nt to be and and now Liverpool not saving Wimbledon is not a matter for historical purposes that Bradford beat the odds!

    As well I think it was the 2001/02 Season KLiverpool finished Runners Up in the Prem breaking the major stronghold of Man U and A**enal, Blackbiurn and maybe Chelsea always being Runners Up - which shows how great Gerald was for that era in my opinion, as yeh he had Superstars but nothing compared to Today's Stars like David Silva, Kevin De Bryne etc who are just another class - that shows par Leicester a few years back nobody can be near again I think (even in this odd year with Teams like Southampton and Aston Villa being in the top 4 occassionaly and even West Ham clsing in on the top 4

    RIP Gerald Houllier
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    Very sad news indeed. R i p gerard.

    Yet more peeps dying over the last few months.
    Its been terrible.
    Celebs actors comedians footballers.