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RIP Robert Fyfe ... of "Howar and Marina Fame" in Last Of The Summer Wine

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  • RIP Robert Fyfe ... of "Howar and Marina Fame" in Last Of The Summer Wine

    Sadly another great actor has died who was with Robert amongst the many other bit part's that Robert as many others did of Robert's Generation in other programmes

    I so loved Robert in Last Of The Summer Wine and he made it just as much if not more than the many other supporting or even main actors via the hillarious antics Robert gave as Howard

    I mean yeah he cheated on Pearl with Marina - but the antics the writers wrote for him was just too good for words and too too funny, as the poor Guy was always on the fringes of pulling it off .... but sadly Pearl knew his every move and always got a-head of him and Marina to foil their antics ..... though who could blame him having an affair with such an horrid women as Pearl - even if he hashed it up 10 times from 10 (or more if t was even feasably possibly)!

    Rip Robert Fyfe

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    RIP Howard a very funny man


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      Very sad indeed.

      Id have thought he had died a good few yrs ago.


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        Sad to hear the news, he was one of the last of the older actors from Last Of The Summer Wine.
        The Trickster On The Roof


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          There doesn't seem to be many LOTSW actors left, understandably due to their advanced ages - I wonder how many are left now?
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