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RIP Janice Long, Radio Presenter 9keith Chegwin's older Sister)

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  • RIP Janice Long, Radio Presenter 9keith Chegwin's older Sister)

    Janice Long the Popular DJ amongst other roles incluiding TOPTP sadly passed away on Christmas Day aged 66

    Perhaps in recent times, Janice was known for her role prsenting Saturday Afternoons on Greatest Hits Radio. To be honest i never knew janice had done so much and was so inflencial in the DJ World and bringing new Acts like adel to the forefront as well as other singers too and having a prominent role in Live aid in 1985 and owning & running her own station in Liverpool too to boot

    I think my earliest re-collection of of Janice was when Janice DJ'd Radio 1 (not as I was into Music in the late 80s0 but I recall early on in series 11 of grange hill Chrissy Mainwairing did what we'd call 2name-checking/dropping names" these days by mentioning Janice Long having a short name and that her own one was too long (and how one day she'd have "The Chrissy Mainwairing Show" on Radio - which is understandable given her brothe Freddie was into DJ'ing as both was from a Family of talent just like Janice was Keith's sister (which I never knew) and I guess is a reason why Phil Redmond wanted Janice mentioned in the script back then as a Liverpool girl and such a talent for including Wmen on Radio with her own show - which was un-heard of/never done until Janice did one

    RIP Janice Long

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    Very sad to hear altho id never heard of her and didnt know she was keith chegwins sister r i p janice.

    Been a bad few days over chrimbo for deaths


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      I didn't know she was Keith Chegwin's sister either.

      In the last few years there seems to have been a lot of celebrity deaths towards the end of the year.
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