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  • Marching To Church

    Is it any wonder that , tho a Christian, I am not a practising one. The reason probably stems from my school days when we were required to march, not walk five miles (8kms) there and back to the closest church every Sunday. It mattered not what the weather was. Teeming rain or sweltering sun beating down. By the time we arrived and listened to part of the sermon many of us, myself among them, would be nodding off. After copping a mouthful from the administrator we would then start the long march back to the school.

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    Re: Marching To Church

    At secondary school we were marched to church for a carol service at Christmas time each year. The entire school was taken, around 800 pupils, half on one day and the rest the next day.


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      Re: Marching To Church

      The closest we had to marching was the cross country walk we had to do.
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        Re: Marching To Church

        Salvation Army; hated it lol
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