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The Emperor's Garden? Music Class, 1992

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  • The Emperor's Garden? Music Class, 1992

    I’m trying to find a primary school based programme that was shown to me in the years 1991 to 1992.

    It was music class, and we all used to sing from a book. There would be different books that we would follow for a few weeks, and then we’d go onto something new.

    The one that sticks in my head was to do with ancient china. I think it may have been called “The Emperor’s Garden”.

    The words and songs we sang were placed over the top of traditional Chinese melodies. One song that sticks in my head was something to do with a nightingale.

    To accompany this book was a tv programme that had kids dressed in ancient Chinese clothing, and they were singing the songs from the book (I doubt that the children were actually Chinese or not) lol

    Anyway, the lyrics to the “Nightingale” song went something like this:

    “In a forest by the sea,
    In a tree a nightingale…”

    Can’t remember the rest, but it ended with:

    “In the Emperor's Garden…”

    Any thoughts?

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    I’ve just discovered this interesting link. It shows that the BBC created radio programmes, music cassette tapes and tv productions for their “Music Workshop” programme aimed at primary schools throughout the 60’s 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and 00’s.

    I thought that “The Emperors’ Garden” may have been part of this series, as it featured a music booklet, a cassette tape (which the teacher used to play), and a video of school children performing the songs and dressed in traditional Chinese clothing. It is not featured in this link.

    I clearly remember the “Jazzamatazz” and “A Merie Masque” from 1993.

    Jazzamatazz introduced me to Jazz, Dixieland, Gospel and Blues music. It featured renditions of Summertime, Mood Indigo, This Little Light of Mine and On The Sunny side of The Street.

    A Merie Masque introduced me to Baroque and Tudor music, and featured renditions of Pastime With Good Company and Greensleeves.

    All of these were the same format. If anyone remembers The Emperors’ Garden, and if it was part of the BBC Music Workshop, then please feel free to comment. Many thanks