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The Big Match Revisited

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    I watch most of these reruns on a Saturday

    Some great old names too.

    Does anyone know which team Brian Moore the commentator supported ?

    I think he may have been on the board of directors too.


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      This sounds interesting and is good to know yeah ... thanks

      I can remember an annual I had from 92-ish I found a few weeks back in Lockdown Mk 1 (but can't remember now where I put it, or if I gave it a Charity Shop even)!

      I also remember those good old times. Nowadays I have not so much time for monitoring all the teams, which are interested to me. But if I do, I prefer to visit 55goal website to watch some live football match scores, or read analytics articles about any of the soccer team or championship, and it helps a lot with it.
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        Originally posted by Roz View Post
        Re: The Big Match Revisited

        Did anyone else see 'The Kick Off Match' (which is on instead on The Big Match Revisited sometimes) this morning?

        It was a game between Sunderland and Wrexham from 1978 or 1979 and I couldn't believe my eyes when a player from Wrexham (I didn't catch his first name but his surname was Fox) exposed himself (by accident I hope!), he was fouled by a Sunderland player and the camera panned in as he sat on the ground with his erm tackle hanging out

        Put me right off my breakfast!
        I only remember two players called Fox from that era. As Peter Fox was a keeper, he could be ruled out. I checked former Birmingham player Steve Fox and he had played for Wrexham. He sadly died of cancer apparently.
        My memory of players back then comes from my vast football card collection.
        I regularly watch The Big Match Revisited. It's great viewing.