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    Re: Radio

    i did listen to the radio a lot when i was growing up.

    or as we called it the wireless.

    but it was more what my dad listened to than what i wanted to listen to.

    he loves his country and western and would have it on from he came in from work till he wet to bed.

    was only when i got my own radio i listened to what i wanted.

    are you still that narrow minded when it comes to music.

    Originally posted by battyrat View Post
    It seems I am not the only person to have sneeked a radio up to bed.Always used to listen to the hip stations,but after about 10.00pm tuned into radio 2 as they had a whole variety of diffrent music to the mass of the stations at that time.Jazz,blues,folk,etc.Think they still have these various music nights even today.Had to have the radio down low with my ear pushed right up against it so parants did not hear it.That would of been in the very late 70's and early 80's.The chart rundown was possibly the most important event of the week and everybody worth their salt had to listen to it just to be on the button.Before I had my own radio unfortunatly I had to listen to what my parants wanted or thought I should be listening to thrust down my throat....shudders.The music was so varied and eclectic that I ingested at times it makes me wonder why in my late teens I became so narrow minded over what I liked and did not.


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      Re: Radio

      Originally posted by koukou View Post
      Anyone remember listening to the charts and taping the songs you liked....trying to get the song and not the DJ. And the waiting for ages while he read through them all again so you could find out what number one was. And there were different charts depending on who you listened to. Radio one always had one answer but David Kid Jensen had something else...cant remember what station he was on. It was the Pepsi Chart if my minds serves me correctly...and it doesnt do that a lot!
      Oh yes yes!!
      I can recall hearing the Radio One Chart every Sunday, taping a few, and also, Capital Radio had their chart rundown during the week...and sometimes on a Sunday

      It got a bit confusing as there were different number ones...

      Anyone remember Roger Scott's chart show - i think it was Thurdays evenings, circa very early '80s.


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        Re: Radio

        Originally posted by tanas View Post
        Simon Bates 'Our Tune' and Bits & Pieces on the Radio 1 Roadshow.
        He has a show on Smooth Radio now.


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          Re: Radio

          Always loved radio, and still do!. Posted elsewhere on here (In praise of radio). From my early years "listen with mother" through to the radio 1 breakfast show before school as there was no tele back then. On to teen years and football on radio 2 , from '82' onwards John Peel and Radio Luxembourg. Since I was about 11 I haven't left the house without a radio unless I was going "doon toon" (the geordie will understand!).