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    Hello all! Posted my first 'post' yesterday. My missus found the forum for me. I was driving her round the bend, trying to remember a jam advert. I think W1 Rover nailed it for me. Of course... I'm now trying to find the ad on YouTube! Looking forward to joining in more conversations, chats etc.
    Became a relatively late dad a couple of years ago and have been foisting some of the classics on the young fella. Pipkins (It's time... bing-bong-bing-bong... for a story), Bagpuss, Mr Benn (God bless David McKee), Banana Splits (He loves the Sour Grapes Bunch), Wombles, Camberwick Green (Worth it just for the beautiful opening titles) etc. Even dug all the way back to Pogles' Wood. My God... I'm surprised more of us weren't in therapy. The B&W eps are very freaky!
    My one concession to recent kids' telly is Postman Pat. Obviously, not the Special Delivery Service version. Postmen with helicopters? Pah! What next? A jaunting belt?
    General query: anyone know the origin of Chinny Reckon? My missus reckons it's The Mary Whitehouse Experience, but I was using it in the 70s. Yes, it's Jimmy Hill, but how did we get from Jim to 'I don't believe you'.

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    Welcome to DYR. It sounds like you'll fit right in


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      Welcome DLad!

      There's plenty of old threads to explore on the forum and no doubt scope to start plenty more.
      Yes, in retrospect I suppose some of those Old Pogles Wood episodes could be considered a bit freaky, the animated pipe cleaner men spring to my mind.



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        Welcome Dlad