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    I have always liked the suttle look not much foundation the right colour lipstick,clear nail varnish,no bright colour eye shadow no mascara,no false eyelashes no false nails

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    Re: Make Up

    I had to get some L'Oreal eyeliner from England awhile ago, I couldn't find my Earthen Rock brown shade anymore here. I bought two and they've lasted, but starting to worry.

    In old '60s-'70s magazines I've collected there are ads for all kinds of stuff like Sea Witch shampoo which seems exotic to me. Do they still make that brand? Also ads for things like those one piece false eyelashes with applicator... I remember my mother and aunt using those things and I would play with old applicator plastic thingy (also the plastic eggs a brand of nylons came in).

    I used to use more stuff when I was younger but just eye-liner and powder (Cover Girl) does me most of the time now. If I have some problem like a cut or pimple I have some concealer that still works after ten years. Just a dot and then blend in. I don't bother with nail polish although I used to, I really liked a pearly pale pink one for ages, probably don't even make it now. There was a little teddy bear charm on it for awhile, I put them on all the zips on a purse.
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      Re: Make Up

      I use moisturising cream on my face a lot of hand cream after using hand gel.Lip balm there isn't much point in wearing lipstick ladies .When you have to wear a face mask lol


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        LOL, Speaking about the face mask – eyes are the most important right now. And I could say the false eyelashes are not always a bad idea if you have problem with your own like me.
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