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    "We're off to Button Moon, follow Mr Spoon..." went the theme tune. And Mr Spoon we did follow. Well, what harm could he do to us - his arms would made of wooden spoons! Much like a domesticated Edward Scissorhands and the perfect cake baking partner.Together with his daughter Tina Teaspoon and wife Mrs Spoon (plus sometimes their friend Eggbert), Mr Spoon would leave their home on Junk Planet to fly off to Button Moon (basically a big yellow button) through the black inkiness of Blanket Sky at the start of each episode of this classic kids' TV show. It's a wonder they ever arrived at their destination though, as their rocket was made of an old Heinz baked bean tin and a funnel - a present given by Mrs Spoon to her hubby.So, what happened on Button Moon, you might ask? Each 10-minute-long adventure would involve Mr Spoon observing the antics of Button Moon goings on through his telescope. One day he spies a hare and a tortoise having a race, another day he finds a wardrobe and helps to make a sad dress happy, as you do. Captain Large and the plastic bottle army were another regular feature, along with an assortment of other characters made from household objects and sporting wigs, including Reggie Veggie who is made entirely of vegetables, Rag Doll and the Taps. Clearly the budget for Button Moon was pretty minimal in those days - watch again and see if you can spot the man in black in the background working the puppets. Of course, us little 'uns could totally see past this.Button Moon proved popular with young kids, before they reached the age of being able to ridicule the show's poor production values. In total, Thames TV produced seven series of the show from 1980 to 1988 shown on ITV, all narrated by Robin Parkinson. The show was created by Ian Allen and the late John Thirtle (Playboard Puppets). The memorable theme tune was sung by Peter Davison of Doctor Who fame and his wife Sandra Dickinson (famed for the role of Trillian from The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy).Button Moon has become something of a cult hit among kids of the 80s, with Mr Spoon becoming something of a poster boy for environmental awareness."We've been to Button Moon, we've followed Mr Spoon, Button Moon, Button Moon. We've been to Button Moon,Button Moon x 4, Be back soon! Button Moon"