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Tennssee Wiggle Walk?

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  • Tennssee Wiggle Walk?

    I have been plagued all morning with the tune and a couple of lines to a song that I recall dancing to way-way back in the 70's at school discos.
    Anyone else remember this?

    Iím a bowlegged chicken Iím a knocked kneed hen Havenít been so happy since I donít know when I walk with a wiggle and a giggle and a squawk Doiní the Tennessee wiggle walk
    Put your knees together and your heels apart
    Snap your fingers ready to start Flap your elbows just for luck And you wiggle and you waddle like a baby duck
    Come dance with me baby keep your toes in time
    Havenít been so happy in a long long while Walk with a wiggle and giggle and a squawk Doiní the Tennessee wiggle walk Doiní the Tennessee wiggle walk
    Mrs Oggy
    Count your friends amongst the stars....
    And your enemies on the fingers of one foot!

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    Re: Tennssee Wiggle Walk?

    yes thats another one we did in the playground, great fun!


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      Re: Tennssee Wiggle Walk?

      we were either doing that or playing french skipping!!