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  • Macarena

    How many of you remember that song/dance? I remember when I was line dancing (that's another story, blush) we used to dance the macarena, not quite sure where that fitted but well worth the laughs.

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    I have fond memories of a holiday in Turkey in the late 90's where the waiters in the restaurant suddenly started dancing to the Macarena! I probably wouldn't like the song if it wasn't for the fond holiday memories it conjours up!
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      My memory of the song is more embarrassing...that New Year's Eve my mum went up and down the street doing the dance while drunkenly wishing everyone in the neighbourhood a happy new year!

      I was babysititng down the road at the time!


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        Oh man hahaha....Macarena! I can still do that dance! It one a really good one hit wonder!
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          ha i do...way back in the day at my middle school skating parties that was the hot jam... Listen to Tootsie Roll by 69 Boyz :

          that was another big one that died fast haha. awww good times good times.


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            Aha! Another recollection of 'The Macarena' and Turkey! So it isn't just me!! (Phew!!)

            I was on a 2 week holiday with some friends in a Turkish resort called Altinkum in the 90s. ALL the bars, and I do mean all, were playing that song. I didn't know the song, or the dance for that matter when I flew out to Turkey, but after hearing it constantly for 2 weeks and being schooled in the dance by my friend (she wanted me to dance it with her), imagine my joy (note the sarcasm) when we flew back to England and the song broke into the charts over here. Aaaaaaargh!!!!



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              Hi guys...

              God I hated was **** beyond belief but then im not a fan of dancing in any form really and I well remember the horrible and cringeworthy practice of the teachers at School forcing you to do Traditional Scottish Country Dancing, just in time for the Christmas Dance where you had to run across the room and 'pick' a girl quickly to dance with had to dance with the teacher or..worse still another boy!! im sure that highly embarassing process has scarred me for life!! lol..must have mentally affected many Scottish teenagers...hee hee..

              I know what you mean about Holiday songs though?!! in the mid 1990's I went to Malta for a fortnights holiday just after my mum died with one of my best mates..had a cracking holiday and lots of drink and good memories but everywhere they played 'all that she wants is another baby and whigfields 'Saturday night'..didnt know then before I got there but I sure did after a fortnight!! arghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

              all the best....

              Rab ;0)



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                Re: Macarena

                even worse than that i can vaguely remeber doin the dance to saturday night -whigfield
                lolol oh the shame


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                  Re: Macarena

                  Our teacher used to make us do that ridiculous dance at PE.


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                    Re: Macarena

                    Originally posted by SynchPedro86 View Post
                    Our teacher used to make us do that ridiculous dance at PE.
                    Hooray, I wasn't the only one who had to actually learn that dance in school! (What a bizarre thought)

                    I can still do it


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                      Re: Macarena

                      :funny: I remember this song back when I was an elementary that was early 90s! We had to represents a dance in our school and that was our dance music. I still remember some other stepping!
                      Brings back the memories...