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    Patrick Swayze promoted in interviews people normalizing little boys being placed in ballet as commonly as were little girls. My niece was in ballet only a few years ago as a wee one - there was always a scarcity of young male dancers. Her ballet school campaigned regularly but few came and even fewer of those stayed.

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    Ballet is one of the most effective and beneficial physical activities for treating scoliosis. It helps improve the flexibility of the spine and develop the corset muscles, which reduces strain on the back and helps maintain correct posture. Ballet training also improves coordination, balance and equilibrium, which is also useful for treating scoliosis. For maximum effect, ballet training under the guidance of an experienced instructor, who can select special exercises for the specific case of scoliosis, is recommended.


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      I'm not sure how you will solve the numbers problem of boys in ballet.

      Some women advocate that young sons should be forced to stay in ballet by their mothers/female guardians - even if their peers at school and elsewhere are responding with bullying and menacing - or worse.

      But, that will not work. It would cause resentment. Resentment leads to anger and anger leads to hatred.


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        Ballet is very physically demanding, but not seen as macho - the opposite. Jamie Bell, who played Billie Elliot, had a lot of bullying after the movie came out.


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          Some USA feminist activist women that think it's "funny" to "joke" about "how there should be a Take Our Sons Home Day" (to go with Take Our Daughters to Work Day) rather overlook that when the Ms. Magazine people started TODTWD, they *did* want to start a Take Our Sons Home Day. It never got over the ground - for when you feel like you have been mocked and ridiculed for a long time, you are not in the right frame of mind to believe your attacker's claim that they want to help you.