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Your tributes to John Peel

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  • Your tributes to John Peel

    Legendary radio DJ John Peel has died aged 65. John Peel was BBC Radio One's longest serving DJ whose contribution to modern music was immeasurable.

    Leave a tribute to John Peel here.
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    John had a real passion formusic. He always managed to find the best music from the most obscure sources and often found the bands with the most peculiar names too!

    If it wasn't for John we wouldn't be listening to the great music we have today.


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      Although I will always remember JP for his radio stuff he bridged the generation gap for my children as the 'voice' for TV programmes such as 'How Clean Is Your House' and 'Life Of Grime' (Mr Trebus - also RIP!).

      JP gave us great music and great memories.




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        The Wedding Present

        JP gave exposure to many great bands including THE WEDDING PRESENT.

        Legend has it that Dave Gedge of the Wedding Present turned up at a JP gig with his demo tape. By the time DG got to speak to JP at the end of the gig, he had missed his bus or train home. JP gave him a lift, and played the demo in the car!!

        If you are unaware of the works of the Wedding Present, check them out. Great guitar based fast indie/ rock with DG singing emotionally usually about relationship breakdowns etc etc. Any girl that's broken a boys heart should listen to this band to see the damage that they can do!

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          Hi all..

          A great many of the Bands I love today were championed by mr.John Peel when no one else would give them the time of Day, T.Rex, The Undertones, the Fall and so many others over the years..He Was a great man and is still sadly missed by Music lovers everywhere..

          R.I.P. John...

          not forgotten mate..

          Rab ;0)


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            Re: Your tributes to John Peel

            I watched a documentary about John Peel sometime ago and they mentioned his top bands & music and his number one was Teenage Kicks by the Undertones

            John kicked the *** out of the music industry as he played unsigned bands on his Radio 1 evening show. Anyone could send him a cassette of their music and he would play, it though he was swamped with all the cassettes sent to him. John was a real ambassador to the bands still looking for their record deal.

            I don't think we have had anyone like him since & I am sure we never will; John is a diamond; totally unique
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