Hello! This is my first post here.

For couple of years now, I have been scavenging the web for even the slightest bits of information about this unknown 90's Trip-hop song. Bare in mind, the audio-quality is in incredibly poor-quality, and attempt(s) were made to clean up the audio as much as possible.


British accent, possibly a live-recording onto a cassette, English song...

In the song, I can hear;

Snare drums,
Acoustic guitar,
Sax (or maybe Harmonica)

Lyric Interpretation:

Driving down _______
[No clue]
I told you, baby.
Turn the lies ____ downward spiral
Driving down, you are very slow
Baby, just what I've told
[No clue]
Pull the lies without denying
Don't back down
no, no, no
[No clue]

1:50 -
Drive, baby, with me, tonight
No, no, no
People, alright
Driving down, down the road
Going down back when I did (not) know

____ much more ______
You know I have everything
but you want me, baby
____ with my black _____
you matter everything to me
I would never let you burn
[No clue]
Would matter losing ______

Don't back down
No, no, no
You _____ me more, baby
I've been looking forward for this, tonight

Please. If anybody here has any additional INFO about this song, I would be absolutely happy!