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Star Wars OST V Star Wars And Other Disco Galactic Themes

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  • Star Wars OST V Star Wars And Other Disco Galactic Themes

    Any one of you that has seen my 70's toy thread will know that I'm a big Sci Fi movie/TV and toy fan. And the 70s was probably the best decade for this cultural genre: Space 1999, Dr Who, Blakes 7, Battlestar Galactica, Buck Rogers (I.T.21st C), Six Million Dollar Man/Bionic Woman etc etc ..and STAR WARS of course. One of the besr facets of this movie was the score so for my 13th birthday in 1979 i asked my dad for this: Click image for larger version

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    So off he pops to Woolworths and instead gets me this:
    (on the compact cassette format- but none of them exist anymore)

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      Me and my brothers already had these:

      ​ ...but i wanted the 'real macoy'.

      After my initial disappiontment i gave it a listen AND FELL IN LOVE WITH IT. So recently i came across a double CD with both the Srar Wars and Close Encounters albums contzined within it. Best 12 i think ive ever spent.


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        Click image for larger version

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          Someone I knew had the Flash Gordon record with music by Queen, and before that my older brother had the first LP record for Star Wars, the orchestral soundtrack, but also a 45 disco version by Mego. You could remember scenes from the movie while listening. I don't recall any other movie or tv records outside my parents having a South Pacific LP, though we did have one of those 'Phase 4' stereo records with 'Hit Themes From Foreign Films' covered... their Black Orpheus was really weird and not really like the original. I found it's on youtube here:
          My virtual jigsaws:


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            You left out The Tomorrow People.