By wargames I mean usually games published by Avalon Hill, SSI, Yaquinto, GDW etc. There's a great website called Boardgamegeek that has many scans of old games as well as many other resources like scans of rulebooks

To be honest I was the youngest in a family of 3 brothers so I never often got a chance to play them. The usual excuse was "they're too complicated for you"

We had
Avalon Hill

Squad Leader
Panzer Leader
Third Reich
Caesar At Alesia

Demons Run


Later on I bought Luftwaffe and played it a bit with my brother. But frankly looking at it, it's a bit rubbish. Lots of fiddly rules and bookkeeping that add little to the strategic depth.

To be honest, most wargames are too complex and fiddly for my taste these days, but they were a popular pastime in the pre video game days. And they still have many devotees.